fifties boy

outpost boy - aqua outpost boy - english
outpost boy - double outpost boy - purple
outpost boy - blue outpost boy - green
I have no idea who's responsible for these "Fifties Boys" from the Outpost Project in Sydney, but I absolutely fell in love with all of them when we were there.

I'm pretty much at that pre-Christmas point where I just want the weekend to arrive so that we can make Christmas goodies, and then start the week leading up to Christmas. Barring any additional bits and pieces I happen to spy for Ma in the next week, I'm all finished with shopping... I bought more of the red ribbon with white stitching I've been using for Ma's presents of late (I buy some... I cut it up into appropriate lengths... then I buy more the next time just in case there are presents I don't have ribbon for... there's a lot of that ribbon at the moment).

I'm also hanging out for Monday evening so I can get my Christmas hair did... I feel all scruffy at the moment...

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