batman christmas shopping saturday

merry christmas batmanSometimes it's fun to have the opportunity to shop for someone completely different than usual... and it's even more fun when there's a list of the things they like.

It was actually a pretty cruisey day, for all that it was fairly full.

We went through the usual routine this morning... I picked up some supplies for stuff to take to Sugarmonkey's tomorrow... nothing fancy, but hopefully it'll work out okay.

By the time we got back to my place the Adelaide Fringe program had been released, so that was pretty much the first thing I did after we walked back in the door. I'm not sure I'm that big a fan of them only releasing it electronically until January... I like to leaf through the hardcopy guide, take it all in, mark things, discover things... somehow it never feels exactly the same when you do it electronically.

Not that that stopped us finding a whole bunch of stuff to see... but that's going to need it's own post.

Our first stop once we'd finished checking out the Fringe stuff was Arndale to pick up a couple of the display cases for the Lego minifigs for half the price we paid at Toys R Us.

After that we headed into the city to return the more expensive versions and find a Secret Santa present for the comic book reading, Batman loving lesbian Ma works with. That was fun actually... I don't usually get to pick out Batman things or comic books in general. I steered Ma in the direction of a Catwoman comic... Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham... the art seemed good, Catwoman had some shapely body action going on (that's not offensive or anything is it... buying the lesbian a comic book title because Catwoman had nice boobs on the cover?), and it was within the price range.

Actually there was some money left over, so we picked up a Batman badge at the counter and still had enough money to pick up something in the "blindbox" oeuvre from Myer (that was her Secret Santa request list... comics, toys or anything Batman... we did pretty good getting all three I think).

We also wandered around the Christmas Shop since nobody seems to wait until after Christmas to sell off their excess stock anymore... Ma found a couple of pretty ornaments that will function as presents since they don't really look like Christmas decorations.

Generally I'm not much of a people person, but sometimes at Christmas, when you see people wandering around who clearly have NO idea of what to buy (most always men... but, you know, it happens), I just want to go over and go "who are you buying for and how old are they?" and help them out.

Granted it's not a feeling that lasts particularly long.

Our last stop, after a brief detour to grab something to drink, was Oxfam to pick up something for people who've taken to doing the "I bought you a chicken" thing. So I convinced Ma to get them the "I bought you poo" version.

Seemed appropriate.

I also bought a set of string/cord/bead bracelets all the way from Guatamala. They're a little stiff at the moment, but hopefully they'll soften up once I've worn them for a while.

Then we called it quits, came back here and went through the Fringe program again, working out dates and times and whatnot for the shows that Ma and I are heading to together... then I worked out details for the shows I'll be seeing on my own.

It's a lot of shows...

And that may be the last time that Ma and I go shopping together on a Saturday before 2012... well, I'm not sure about New Years Eve actually...

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