photo friday: red and green triptych

red and green seasonal instagrammingI realised yesterday that I've photographed/Instagrammed (that's not really a word) a number of things that are red against my green Ikea quilt cover. Truth be told, it's my favourite of the three sets of bedding I have in exactly the same design... especially when the light hits it in the morning and reflects green onto the walls, making my bedroom feel all forest glade-like.

Wait... where was I... oh yeah... red and green. Firstly it was my choice of seasonally related bedding... then it was the bag of tomatoes I was given by someone at work... then it was my second to last eBay purchase, Sket One's Heinz inspired Dunny.

Like last year I chose not to attend the work Christmas lunch for our wider team. I just don't have a single iota of interest in attending... so I don't. Instead I stayed behind and ended up tidying up my desk and drawers. Much more productive.

It's not like I'm a total Bah Humbug... just The Nut House are having a get together at Sugarmonkey's place on Sunday and I'm going to that...

Visiting The Land of Overshare briefly... I had issues with my underwear today... well, technically it wasn't underwear, it was Aussiebum swimwear... but the main part of the problem was something I realised only fairly recently (which seems weird)...

I have no butt.

Sure, there's the spot where my legs meet my back, but it's just flat... which, to anyone who may have met me, will seem weird, because I look like I should have a butt. But I don't. So underwear that should stay in place nicely thanks to there being a butt there just doesn't. And this particular piece of swimwear is pretty much reliant on there being a butt there to keep itself in place. So it didn't. It lasted until just before lunch before it had to come off.

On a happier note, the Fringe program is revealed tomorrow morning... so that'll mean some time spent perusing the online guide.

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