my adelaide fringe picks 2012

my fringe picks 2012This is the fastest we've ever picked out shows for the Fringe... the program was only released at 9am yesterday morning... and by 6:30pm I'd spent just over $780 on tickets to 20 different shows.

There are a couple of pricier shows than I've been too in past years... plus I think Ma and I are going to more shows together this year than we did last year, so that bumps up the prices. Essentially it's only about four more shows than this year.

What was it that I said back in March?

"I think possibly that 16 shows in three weeks is my limit! I mean, maybe I could try for 20, but that would be the absolute limit"

So, yeah... I've reached my limit. Possibly. Probably. We did try and do two shows on the same day where we could... so there are about five instances of that. There was a possibility of going to three shows on a night... but that seems excessive.

My choices for 2012, chronologically speaking, are ...
  • Kaput: Chaos, comedy and slapstick in one big acrobatic debacle for all ages!
  • Pratchett Three Pieces: Bite-sized quirky comedies from the short stories of Sir Terry Pratchett.
  • Science of Fiction - Doctor Who: A group of Doctor Who fanatics take a light hearted look at the science of fiction.
  • LevelLess: WAK returns with a slow-tech science-friction show to perforate your perspective!
  • Imperial Fizz: Coward meets Sartre meets Beckett in rapid-fire screwball absurdism.
  • Shakespeare's Queens: Shakespeare's seductively powerful Queens shine through this fascinating hour of intrigue and passion.
  • Pegging Up The Sky: Set to jazz music, without dialogue, come with Ciel on this beautiful, whimsical journey of visual layers.
  • Shadows of Angels: Set in the gritty slums of 1929, explore the lives and minds of the female criminal in this gripping piece of theatre.
  • No Such Thing As Normal: A touching, beautiful and hilarious journey that examines how uniformity and conformity bring out our individuality.
  • Dirk Darrow - NCSSI: Part stand up, part mentalism, part theater, all gritty 1940's nostalgia.
  • L.O.V: In this three man show gesture and textual rhythms combine in iteration to create a raw and ferocious depiction of love.
  • Carnally, Where Do We Go From Here: A surreal and visceral landscape of flesh, feathers, demons, ghosts, and Gods face-off in an explosive collision between modern life and primal being.
  • Eventyr - A Garden Story: Listen to the tale of a young girl who journeys her way through the garden, trying to find a way out.
  • The Cagebirds: The Mistress oversees six lost souls as they indulge in their chosen obsession: power, beauty, scandal, food, hypochondria or indecision.
  • Soap: A unique combination of world-class acrobatics, comedy and live opera performed in, on and around bathtubs.
  • Ellipsis: An engaging new dance work inhabiting the space between thoughts, time and light. Intricate. Gentle. Immersive.
  • Crowned: A new and engaging retelling of Shakespeare's trilogy of Henry 6th.
  • The Boy James: A dark, beautiful tale of a boy's heartrending awakening to the harsh realities of adulthood.
  • The Terrible Infants: Blending puppetry, live music, story-telling and physicality into a highly sensory theatrical feast and featuring narration from Judi Dench.
  • La Soirée: The freakishly talented folk from La Clique are back and the line-up is better than ever.
There's only one show that's kind of a repeat of last year, Shakespeare's Queens... technically it's a sequel to Shakespeare's Mothers by the same company.

Now all I have to do is wait two months...

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