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One of these things is not like the other... actually they pretty much are, and they're all thanks to my very big telephoto lens...

I finally got my new computer complete with two monitors! It's only taken them a month. Now if they'd originally said "It will take a month", I wouldn't have cared, but it was always "This week" or "In a couple of days". So I've been multitasking like a mofo all day long... dragging things between monitors, flicking between one screen and another. It's been awesome.

I also finally, finally, finally got one of the parcels I've been waiting for... and it turns out that it had been sitting in the Post Office for the last two weeks... but there was no notification in my mailbox, so it had just been sitting there. Grrrr! Thankfully it's all present and correct and didn't come to any harm.

It's driving me nuts knowing that the Adelaide Fringe program is now available for customers of one of the sponsors, but the great unwashed, myself included, don't get to see it until Saturday. I still think it's stupid that they're only releasing it online and not doing the printed programs until January... I like to sit down with the physical program and go through it all from cover to cover, every time I've tried to do that with an online version I always end up missing a bunch of stuff.

There's a high likelihood for weirdness, general sulking, departures and general upheaval at work after the last couple of days... and none of it is to do with me. I don't know 100% what's going on... although I've been putting puzzle pieces together all day and it's... odd.

I've also reverted to the original version of Blogger... I really do dislike the updated interface... I don't like the way it deals with images and the fact that I can't manipulate their location as easily as I can at the moment. I don't like that the publishing window just floats on the page with no seeming structure... I just don't like the way it feels. I know I'm going to be forced to use it eventually, but I don't want to use it before I absolutely have to.

And I spent about an hour last night cutting around all my little eyebirds... I just about broke my hand in the process... that shit is difficult, especially when you're doing it 40 times...

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