easy prechristmas shopping saturday

in australia santa looks like this... or at least he should!See, this is what shopping should be like a week before Christmas... easy and not really involving a hell of a lot of actual shopping.

Due to tomorrow's Christmas Chocolate Apocalypse, I did my own thing today without Ma, which all turned out to be very easy and essentially without stress (and mostly all done by about 1:30pm).

Since I was flying solo, I was running a little behind this morning, but I still finished my circuit of the supermarket reasonably swiftly... and thankfully not too many of my fellow shoppers had come down with a terminal case of Christmasitis Supidicus.

I also took a quick turn around Target to see if they already had any of the new series of Lego minifigs that have just been released... *cough* addiction *cough*...

When I got back I had enough time to tidy out the fridge, unpack all the groceries, do the usual Saturday morning things before heading into the city to the preview screening of Albert Nobbs (more on that in a bit).

Turned out the screening was somewhat overbooked, and while they had reserved me a seat (I know, my name was on the door, a reserved seat), it was on the far side of the front row, so I did kinda end up with a crick in my neck.

Afterwards I stopped of at Cocolat for something to drink while I waited for the rain to stop, then headed back here.

And that's about it really...

A very uneventful day!

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