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A fairly dull day today... partly because I didn't have enough sleep and kept nodding off at my desk...

I always went and picked up all of my Fringe tickets at lunch... and discovered when I got home that I'd booked the wrong time for one of the shows. That would have been fine, except for the fact that I have a show beforehand that runs for 90 minutes and there's only an hour between the two shows. And they won't do exchanges... which I understand to a certain degree, but the tickets only went on sale on Saturday, you would think they could just swap the tickets over.


Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Dedication :: Song
  2. Dream destination :: London/LA/Venice/London
  3. Games :: Video
  4. Hard as :: Nails
  5. Convict :: Australia
  6. Submit :: Dominate
  7. Alcohol :: Take it or leave it
  8. Clippers :: Nail
  9. Hormonal :: Pregnant women
  10. Diet :: Fad
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