slightly early christmas haircut

can haz haircutz?Ahhhhh... new haircut... Feels much better.

As I tweeted earlier today, I was starting to feel a little bit like the Before photo on a reality show makeover.

So I'm glad that it was today rather than at the end of the week... it's really needed doing for a while, but it'd been getting on my nerves a whole bunch for the last few days.

And while it's perhaps not as blonde as I think I had in my head (it's my own fault, I didn't actually say anything about more blondness... I just let Tink do her thing)... it's tidy and short and blonde.

I do enjoy these haircuts at Tink's place. Not just because she doesn't charge me as much as the salon, but it's fun just hanging out, talking crap, playing with the baby.

Baby Tink is still adorable... with big, big, big anime eyes.

And, well, yeah... hair... short... blonde... all done.

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