photo friday: march of the toy soldiers

clear toy soldier
hanging drummer

My week has looked a little like this...
  • Inspired a teeshirt
  • Set up all of my toy soldiers... a little disturbed by how many I have
  • Strugged with sneezing all over the place/runny nose all day today... either all the dust that got disturbed when I was doing the toy soldiers, or Sugarmonkey gave me plague when he came in for one day yesterday... bastard
  • Came home to a parcel waiting for me every day but yesterday
  • Got my new iPhone cases (which looks a little spiffy) delivered to work
  • Realised a small pizza is enough
  • Combined two sets of bedding to give my bed a red/green Christmas look
  • Started using the new Blogger interface (not a fan)
  • Wore a bright yellow Aussiebum jockstrap to work today and it's probably the most comfortable jock I've worn
  • Continue to have a big fat crush on a guy at work
  • Made appointment with Tink for my Christmas haircut
  • Finished off the calendars for Ma and La Cousina... still need to print them and get them bound though
  • Downloaded seventeen versions of Carol of the Bells to create my own Christmas album... yeah I know, but it's my favourite Christmas song
  • Attending a birthday afternoon tea and a divorce morning tea
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