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On the way back from Marion yesterday I spotted a bumper crop of street art along what turned out to be the Sturt River Linear Park (as opposed to the Linear Park I frequent, which is along the Torrens)... I didn't realise until just now when I was looking things up that on the opposite side of the road was the Warriparinga Wetlands, so I might have to mark that in my To Do list for when the weather is cooler (and, you know, there's the possibility that they might actually be wet).

But I digress (as always)... street art, Marion, bumper... so around lunchtime I headed out with my camera to see what was what.

And it was something of a "challenging", yet productive, afternoon

Sadly, I'd chosen a "driving mix CD" I made some time ago which I think I probably hammered fairly extensively at the time, and it got all scratched up, so the CD player in my car won't recognise it anymore (and I couldn't be bothered going back to the house and getting a functional CD)... hence, no driving music (and no radio thanks to my ongoing lack of aerial)...

When I finally got down to the spot in question and found somewhere to park (and then worked out after I'd gotten out of the car that I could have parked further back under a tree), my next challenge was getting over the fence. Honestly, I should have just grown some cojones and climbed over, but I was a) worried about looking like an idiot to all the people driving past (stupid, I know, but there you go) and b) worried about whether I could actually get over the fence and then get back again.

Instead, I just stood there like an idiot... I faffed about for a while, leaned on the fence for a bit, was figuratively scratching my head when this guy and girl (probably both in their early 20's) walked up to where I was and both just climbed over the fence (okay, he was all butch and kind of vaulted over, but she stuck her foot in the wire mesh and climbed over that way, and I was left thinking "why the hell didn't I think of that?").

So, obviously it was possible, and I didn't want to be outdone by some randoms from the Southern suburbs... so I followed them over the fence. Turns out they were doing exactly the same thing that I was... well the girl was anyway... walking along and photographing the street art. Which is kinda cool, I've never run into somebody doing that at the same time as me before.

I ended up going further along the wall (well, walls technically, of all the "industrial" buildings that back onto the river) faster than they were, so it wasn't like we were in each other's pockets either... but it was kinda weird just as a general situation.

Rather than being "mural" pieces, which tends to be my preference, this was more "New York style", unreadable words done in pretty colours... but there were some cool bits and pieces, particularly a giant (and I mean GIANT) "Seven Deadly Sins" group mural... where seven different artists had taken on a sin (at least I assume it was a different artist per sin)... but they were done in the aforementioned unreadable style, so while they were pretty, I have no idea what they were supposed to be saying... the shot on the left is from the "Pride" sin... and I really liked that little mirror.

I'm not sure if they were "authorised" or not (although I kind of doubt it... there was at least one piece that seemed to be unfinished, so somebody obviously got interrupted), but some of the pieces are MASSIVE, they would have required some sort of scaffold or other ways of getting up that high (standing on a car or a van maybe?), and they wouldn't have been quick... so you'd think people would have seen them... *shrugs*... who knows...

Anyway, once I'd taken all the shots I wanted to, I headed back, spoke to the guy half of the couple briefly and then went to tackle the gate... not graceful or easy, but I got there (obviously).

As I went back to the car, I messaged Rockchick to see if she was in and if I could swing past and pick up the DVDs she borrowed after Christmas... she wasn't in, but she said her housemates would be, and I could stop by. Which I did... rang the bell, knocked on the door... nothing... so I called Rockchick, turns out the housemates had popped out briefly (*grrr*), and I ended up standing on the doorstep chatting on the phone to Rockchick until they turned up.

Now I think I might go and collapse for a while... it's been a somewhat eventful weekend...

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