unconscious mutterings 314

An slightly out of kilter morning... it was actually light when I went out for my walk... and it was cloudy, and just humid enough to be annoying. Then it appears that the council has decided in their infinite wisdom to change our garbage day from Tuesday to Monday without telling anyone (or, you know, me... and the information on their website still says Tuesday), which is fine, but annoying. But mostly it feels weird because my brain is telling me that I should have walked through the door at work about 45 minutes ago...

Damn these Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Take :: That
  2. 350 :: Less than 400
  3. Stand :: By Me
  4. Raspberry :: Beret
  5. Turnstile :: Subway
  6. Infomercial :: Ronco
  7. Dejected :: Sad
  8. What's the word? :: Buggered if I know
  9. Awestruck :: Flabbergasted
  10. Smashed :: Broccoli

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