big pink meme of gayness

pride flag manOkay... this is actually a combination of a meme that I've had lurking in my drafts folder for ages and something I found earlier today...
  1. Which of the names in the LGBTQQ rainbow best describes your own orientation?
  2. Plain old everyday "gay"...

  3. Are you sure of your sexual orientation?
  4. Oh yeah... I've never questioned it.

  5. When and how did you realize you were gay?
  6. I never actually had the big "realisation" moment... I've always been gay, even before I had a word for it.

  7. Are you open with your sexuality?
  8. Pretty much... I mean I don't try and hide it, but I don't go around wearing a teeshirt that says "I love cock" in giant letters either.

  9. What is your first recollection of gayness in any form?
  10. The one image that always keeps coming back to me is standing in McDonalds when I was maybe in my early teens and seeing the two guys in front of us standing really close together, and then one put his hand in the other one's back pocket.

  11. Who is the first gay person you ever met?
  12. That would be Genevieve, a friend of my aunt... at least she was the first openly gay person I knew personally.

  13. Who was the first person you told that you were gay?
  14. That would be Peter... but I'd been going down on him for months, so I think maybe he already knew.

  15. How's the family feel about it all?
  16. Well, my family is pretty much small and broken anyway... and I know Ma is fine about it... everybody else can go take a flying leap as far as I'm concerned.

  17. Did anyone stop having contact with you after you came out of the closet?
  18. Not as a direct result... as far as I know anyway... sure people drifted out of my life, but whether that had anything to do with it or not I don't know (and if it did, then that's their problem not mine).

  19. Do you have any stories about homophobia you've experienced?
  20. Nothing recent or terribly interesting, no...

  21. Do you have more gay friends than you do straight friends?
  22. M'eh... probably about the same...

  23. What type of guys are you most attracted to?
  24. Honestly... I like 'em cute and kinda twinky, but also sweet, dorky and maybe a little bit nerdtastic...

  25. Do you have a crush on a male celebrity?
  26. Well, several ongoing ones, but nobody that really leaps ahead of the pack...

  27. Who is your favourite famous gay man?
  28. Stephen Fry

  29. What is your favorite gay movie?
  30. I hate having to pick just one of anything... but for purely sentimental reasons (it being the first gay movie I ever saw and all) I'd have to say Torch Song Trilogy.

  31. Do you go to gay clubs?
  32. Nope, not in a long time.

  33. Would you ever be a drag queen (if you're not already)?
  34. Maybe, but probably not... I might do it properly once (provided I could find somebody to do my makeup in that very draggy way and loan me a dress/wig), just to see what it was like.

  35. What name would you go by if you did do drag?
  36. This one I have thought about... Fawn Ehkaytor (or Fawn E Kaytor... it's more about how it sounds when you say it out-loud than how you spell it)...

  37. Do you own anything with the "Pride Rainbow" on it?
  38. Ummmm... well, I have a rainbow sticker (not sure if it's technically a proper "Pride" one though) on a spaghetti jar...

  39. Do you have any gay-themed tattoos? If not, would you ever get one?
  40. No, I only have the one tattoo currently and it's not gay themed... and I can't see myself getting a gay themed one...

  41. Favourite thing about being gay?
  42. Having sex with the mens... what can I say... I love the cock...

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