rock the ballet

rock the ballet
I'm going to be completely honest at the start of this review...

The only real reason I bought tickets to Rock The Ballet was because one of both Ma and my favourite dancers from Season 6 of So You Think You Dance, Jakob Karr, was supposed to be one of the cast.

But for whatever reason, he wasn't... even though his name is still listed as being one of the cast on the BASS website. So I went into the show already feeling disappointed.

Also, I think watching six seasons of So You Think You Can Dance has given me some very, very, very high expectations about what a dance performance should be.

So did Rock The Ballet live up to my expectations? No, it didn't. There were many, many, many instances when the dancers were supposed to be in unison, but weren't. And some of the dancers didn't feel as polished as they really should have been given the ticket price.

I also wasn't really that thrilled with the majority of Michael Jackson numbers in the second half of the show... I know he's seen as an inspiration to a lot of dancers, but I'm just not a fan of a lot of his music, what with all the vocal ticks and whatnot... plus anything inspired by him usually includes crotch grabbing, and it just looks dumb.

But that's more about me than the show.

Having said that there were a lot of good things about the show...these included, but were not confined to, dancers Doug Baum, Kameron Bink, Joey Arrigo and Alexei Geronimo. Baum and former SYTYCD contestant Bink were my favourites, partly because of their dancing but also because they're very attractive young men.

Geronimo also has an amazing solo at one point that showed off his skills.

All the dancers have moments of greatness though, and one sequence where the dancers are silhouetted against the projected backdrop that was amongst my favourites.

My two favourite sequences though are an early sequence that includes a number of blow up dolls (it sounds wrong, but it's hilarious) and the final number (the song is "I'm Too Sexy"... need I say more).

So overall, I'd put it in the "good but not great, although it has it's moments" column.

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