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the dark knight and shopping
There really isn't all that much to report from today...

I did stay up until about 1:30am this morning watching the two previous Batman movies in preparation for today, which meant that when my alarm went off, I went back to sleep and I think I only woke up again when my phone went off with a message from Ma telling me she was on her way.

The upside of that is that she lives far enough away that I was still able to get up, tidy up a little, have a shower and get dressed before she got here.

Next up was a fairly standard shopping excursion... including getting some supplies to make goodies for Banger's birthday morning tea at work next week.

After that, we came back here for the usual unpacking and suchlike and then I attempted to buy tickets to The Dark Knight Rises via the Event Cinemas app on my iPhone.

I say "attempted" since it was monumentally confusing, full of references that I didn't actually understand and I couldn't make it do what I knew it should be able to do. So in the end I gave up and fired up the laptop, which was so much simpler.

And due to the fact that I had more than enough points on my Cinebuzz card, plus Ma has her Old Lady Card, plus I still had a little bit of cash left on the gift card that La Cousina gave me at Christmas, two tickets ended up costing me $10.10.

So in the last week, Ma and I have seen two different movies, neither of which were on that particular cinema's "cheap day", and all it has cost us is $10.10. Which is pretty damn good.

The only downside to sitting through the two hours and forty five minutes of The Dark Knight Rises is that my body didn't appreciate it in the slightest.

After the movie we had a wander around Arndale for a bit just so that I could stretch out my leg/back before we called it a day.

When we got back here we both wanted something to eat so we took a walk down the road to grab something, having to settle for Subway when the place we originally wanted to go turned out to be closed.

And for all intents and purposes that has been my day...

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