I'll confess, July has been the most difficult Photo-A-Day month so far... I'm not sure if it's the winter weather, or a lack of inspiration... but I got stuck on Day 2 and didn't manage to unstick myself until Day 4. And a few other shots have either not completely come together or else been last minute versions, and very few have actually been planned out in advance (with the possible exception of Days 6 and 15).

I also think that this month has more carefully stage-managed shots than previous months (specifically Days 2, 20 and 25) beyond the obviously set up shots.

It was also a low Lego month, with only four shots (Days 1, 4, 17 and 29), bringing the total Lego Photo-A-Day entries up to 27. Almost a whole month's worth.

Day 10 taught me an important lesson about my iPhone... if you let the lens get all covered in pocket fluff then your photos will have a weird diffused quality to them... which isn't great.

  • Day 1: Self portrait (Little Traveller standing in for me again)
  • Day 2: Busy (I wasn't at the time, this is a completely fabricated shot)
  • Day 3: Best part of my day (hometime)
  • Day 4: Fun (I wasn't having any, so I made my own)
  • Day 5: On the floor
  • Day 6: Chair
  • Day 7: Garden
  • Day 8: Lunch
  • Day 9: Big
  • Day 10: My favourite colour (red, obviously)
  • Day 11: Letter
  • Day 12: Texture
  • Day 13: Open (an open sign, in an open bin at a gallery opening)
  • Day 14: Building (or, rather, a tree inside a building)
  • Day 15: Finger
  • Day 16: Sign
  • Day 17: My addiction (addictions actually... Lego minifigures and Iced Coffee)
  • Day 18: Plate
  • Day 19: Animal/insect/pet
  • Day 20: Eyes (my eyeBirds making an appearance)
  • Day 21: 9 o'clock
  • Day 22: Upside down
  • Day 23: Mirror
  • Day 24: A stranger
  • Day 25: Heart
  • Day 26: Sunshine (I really thought this day's word was sunLIGHT)
  • Day 27: On the road
  • Day 28: Cup
  • Day 29: Last thing I bought (he's stuck on my keyboard at work now)
  • Day 30: Calm (the river has very often been my calm place)
  • Day 31: Toothbrush
And for new players, you can find the August list here...

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