a mostly by the book saturday

zac efron shopping at target
There's comfort in routines...

Sure, they're predictable and maybe a little dull on occasion, but there's something to be said for not really having to think about where you're going or what order you're going to do things in.

Although, that being said, this morning wasn't quite to the usual plan, if only because Ma was running really late... but it allowed me to tidy some things away that I hadn't gotten around to before today.

So we were a bit later getting to the supermarket... but we didn't have anywhere we needed to be in a hurry.

After the usual supermarket thing we took a trip to see the Honey Man, and given that it was so cold this morning, and it's always a whole lot colder inside the Honey Man's big drafty shop, I just asked for whatever honey was "running nicely"... which turned out to be Blue Gum because he'd just filled the barrel up.

Turns out it was actually still warm... warm, runny honey... mmmmm...

When we got back to my place I drizzled the honey on a couple of fruit buns I'd bought... soooooo nice!

Since we had tickets for a show in town this afternoon, we headed into the city to poke around and so that Ma could have a look at Gary Seaman's exhibition at Espionage Gallery. Of course that meant that I got to stand around and have a chat with Josh while she was looking.

And in a weird coincidence the artist who made one of the pieces that I bought from the Winter show just happened to show up while we were there... and doubly weird because I'd asked Josh about him when we got there.

After that we wandered back to the car and drove over to Her Majesty's Theatre, with a brief detour through Chinatown to grab something to eat.

Then, after the show we headed back here.

And that's the last show we have on the waiting list... at least until Cirque du Soleil next January...

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