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It has been, in a great many respects, a full-on week.

Actually, let me clarify that... a full-on week emotionally.

There have been a large number of work related things weighing on my mind of late. Part of which is a lack of continual work (a lot of my work happens in fits and starts depending on what's coming in) and I think the fact that it's hard to make it through a whole day at work without being in pain plus the fact that I haven't exercised since I injured my back... well, let's just say that the emotional part of my brain has been pulling some major three year old tantrums and is in need of a serious time-out.

It all came to a head at our planning day yesterday... although the fact that I was able to walk to the venue in the morning, stand up for pretty much the whole day and then walk back to work in the afternoon did do my back a world of good... it's just a shame that I can't stand up every day.

But anyway, back to the planning day... very often when I start talking about stuff, especially during those kinds of meetings, I'm never completely sure what it is I'm going to say when I start talking... and sometimes the things I say actually come as a surprise to me... or perhaps it's just that I haven't ever had that actual conscious thought or put two particular thoughts together to come up with a realisation.

So I started talking at the planning day and realised that there were a lot of things that were making me angry and sad and just generally blah. Not that I said all of that in the meeting, it just started the train of thought that continued during my walk back to the office.

That then led to a conversation with my manager, who I will just say here and now is a prince amongst men, which allowed me to get a bunch of stuff off my chest and out in the open. Some of it wasn't even anything that needed solving, it was more "logically I know X, but emotionally it makes me feel Y", and I actually walked out of that meeting feeling like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

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