aimless window shopping saturday

vintage window shoppers
It's usually around this time of the year that we run out of this to do and places to go on a Saturday.

Not that that's necessarily a bad thing... not needing to do anything is cheaper than the alternative, but it does lead to some problems when it comes to making decisions.

Today was very much one of those days.

It started off a little differently, in so much as Ma was getting her hair cut, so I got to do my shopping all alone.

I actually got off to a bit of a late start... so I only got to the supermarket at quarter to nine... however, because I was alone, I was finished shopping by five past nine.

It's amazing what you can do when you're on a mission.

Just after I got there, Ma had sent me a message to say that she was done at the hairdresser and on her way down... so while I wasn't rushing, I didn't waste any time either. I actually ended up with enough time to take a quick look at jeans in Target, and still managed to make it home a few minutes before Ma.

It was from that point on that we had trouble deciding what to do... it was so bad in fact that we literally stood looking out the window for about ten minutes trying to come up with some sort of plan.

Eventually we came up with more of a direction than an actual plan, but it turned out not to be too bad...

Often when we drive down the various roads that run parallel to King William Road on the other side of the city, we comment that we should really stop and look around one day.

So that was the plan.

It didn't necessarily work out exactly, we only really stopped off in one spot, and that was to check out the These Walls Don't Lie gallery, but it wasn't open yet (and I couldn't find it's actual opening times online due to Facebook not working in Safari and no other website actually having the opening times... there may be a blog post in that at a later date actually).

From there we decided to head over to Burnside... not really for any particular reason, but Ma had mentioned wanted to poke around Smiggle, and we haven't been to Burnside
Village since they finished the renovations, so it was as good a plan as any.

Turns out the renovations are pretty decent, if a little bit exposed to the weather... I've never quite understood why they don't close the whole thing up... it's supposed to be a very chic centre, but it ends up feeling a little crappy because it's at the whims of the outside temperature.

Anyway... after we wandered about and we both bought some cards for various upcoming work related stuff, we decided to stop off at Chibo for something to eat.

While Ma was in line, I actually dropped into Kiehl's since I was nearly out of my usual moisturiser and thought it might be nice to try something new. It was a little more expensive but the nice lady in the store also gave me a couple of free samples... one of shaving cream and one of eye gel... which is always nice.

After that we took a kind of circuitous route back to the southern side of the city, and purely through chance (and the fact that the guy in the car in front of us was a bit of a wanker who we wanted to avoid) we ended up on Duthy Street... which turned out to be a little bit interesting.

We stopped in a couple of places... once at a row of shops with a lackluster bakery, a cafe and a bookshop... the bookshop turned out to be decent. It was one of those old style second hand bookshops that are full to the brim and actually have a lot of really old and a lot of really cool (and sometimes both) books.

After we'd wandered around there for a while, we headed back down Duthy Street and stopped off at another row of shops with an art supply store and an antique/curio store. The art store was closed... which was a bummer because I always like wandering around those... but the antique store was quite cool.

It turns out that my old Lego sets could be worth some cash... granted they'd be worth more if we'd kept the boxes... but what are ya gunna do!

And that was about it... we managed to make a complete planless day last for a number of hours, and it ended up being a decent day out.

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