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Yesterday was something of a full on day...

I started out by going to my first appointment at the chiropractor at 9am... I put it off and put it off and put it off, and you know what... I'm a fucking idiot.

For no other reason than the fact that I felt better emotionally after that first session. She didn't even do an adjustment or anything, she just took all my history, did some tests and prodded and poked me a little... but I still felt better in my head.

Which was good, because physically I felt like shit for the rest of the day.

After that I went back to work where everybody on my floor was changing desks... so essentially I walked back into a mad house.

Fortunately, even though my "scheduled move time" wasn't until nearly 1pm, I managed to get all my stuff moved by about 11:30 or so by essentially making people who weren't organised ahead of me be moved whether they were ready or not (okay, it was only two people, one of whom was off at a meeting, but it still got me moved).

I'm undecided about the new location... not that I don't like it, I literally don't have an opinion on it yet, only really having sat there properly today. On the up side, I have a window... on the down side, I'm facing away from everything and everyone and I can't help but feel like I'm missing something.

But between the chiro poking and prodding on top of all the moving stuff (not that I carried things or crawled under desks... I got other people to do that for me), I started to feel really "off" by about lunch time, so after some lunch and a bit of a wander, I felt slightly better, but still decided to call it quits early.

Not that I went straight home or anything... I had to go and get chiro x-rays done on my spine before next Tuesday, and since there really wasn't anything going on at work yesterday (beyond the move), I figured it was a good a time as any.

Fortunately I was in and out fairly quickly... even if I did have to stand around in almost nothing but a couple of those horrible disposable gown things (that I'm sure are made of the same material as those green shopping bags) while I was prodded and poked into the correct positions.

After that I came home and lay on the bed until Ma came down for movie night.

I don't know if it was the chiro prodding and poking... or the moving desks... or the x-rays... or just one of those things where your brain knows that things are moving so it triggers off your body (a little like the fact you need to pee much more when you get in sight of your house than you did when you couldn't see it... or is that just me)... but I feel like my back has been worse over the last twenty-four hours than perhaps it was the twenty-four hours before that...

So, yeah... yesterday was kind of all about change and moving on...

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