photo friday: other places

concrete cubes - sydneyneon natives - melbourne

melbourne princess - melbournepallas athena - sydney

wheel twenty two - sydneyleitrim morning - melbourne

exhibition building - melbourneold vs new - sydney

Friday, Friday, Friday!

Let's see, what have I done today...
  • Had Burger Theory for lunch (woohoo)
  • Wrote three blog posts (including this one)
  • Bought chocolate (Haighs naturally)
  • Had a complete mental breakdown about what to make for dinner (well, I couldn't decide, so went with something familiar rather than anything I really felt like)
  • Wandered around the Central Market
  • Did some work
  • Came home
  • Found my Order of the Stick Kickstarter reward waiting for me on the doorstep (woohoo)
It's not really been one of the most interesting days ever...

It's not really been one of the most interesting weeks ever either... kind of makes me wish I was somewhere else...

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