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I went thumbing through my collection of photos from our last trip to Sydney looking for something to use with this post... I'm pretty sure none of these have seen the light of day before... they may have been included in a montage or two, but ever full size.

I had to draw the line at six.

But I did find it surprising that it was 2008 when we were there... it really only feels like five minutes ago. I can still remember sitting outside the hotel on our last day in the sunshine, drinking Iced Coffee and wishing I didn't have to leave... in fact large amounts of the trip are pretty much burned into my memory.

And in six days time I'll be back there.

I don't know if the full realisation that there are SIX DAYS TO GO has really hit me yet. Yes, academically I know it, but I haven't really ramped the excitement level up yet. I think it will start to kick in on Friday after I leave work and go and have my "Sydney Haircut".

I think part of me is always astounded that I'm even travelling... it's not something we ever did when I was a kid, in fact it wasn't until the late 90's that I got on my first aeroplane.

And Sydney still has that siren-call that I felt when we came back two years ago. I'm hoping it's not a feeling that disappears on a return visit...

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The thing I think I'm most looking forward to on this trip is seeing Sculpture by the Sea down at Bondi, especially since we never got as far as Bondi on the last trip.

I also want to see more of the CBD, and I think that given where our hotel is we'll get to see a whole lot of different stuff than we did last time.

And I definitely have to explore the Botanical Gardens this time... last time we just used it as a shortcut on our way to the Opera House and didn't really look around... plus I want to see the Flying Foxes again!

Oh... and the Sydney men... I was very impressed last time.

We don't really have that much stuff pre-organised though... last time we had a laundry list of what we were doing and when, but with the exception of Bondi, it's a much more laid back affair this time around. I don't think we'll have a problem filling in the days though.

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I guess I am a little bit excited after all... or maybe just writing about it helped.

Everything is officially done now, the flight, the hotel, the transport... all I have left to do is scribble down whatever notes I need, come up with my list of things to pack and then actually pack them. Oh and book the taxi for Monday morning...

In the end I decided against buying a new camera or an iPad/netbook for this particular trip. They're not off the cards, I think I just need to give them some more thought.

Have I mentioned that there are only six days to go?

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