big fat saturday with bowerbird and travel plans

one joker to go thanks!Today has been one big fat fucking day!

After I wandered around this morning and did some of the stuff I should have done earlier in the week, I got ready and checked my iPhone camera for no real reason, and it worked... which is good, because it didn't work yesterday.

As always, we started with the Supermarket Safari... which, really, is much less of an actual safari these days... I hardly bought anything, mostly fresh stuff.

Once we were done with trolling around supermarkets we came back here for the general unpackery... we headed down to Bowerbird Bazaar... I'm glad we went down nice and early (which is code for "we had to stand around for 10 minutes before they opened the doors), I think the word has definitely gotten out compared to previous years, so it filled up really quickly.

I could probably write a whole blog post on people and their behaviour at these type of events... but it's enough to say "people stop in stupid places and annoy me".

As always, the slightly dilapidated look of the Queens Theatre is a perfect accompaniment to all the high end art, craft and design.

I made myself a promise this time... no more artwork. I have a bunch of stuff that should really be on display that isn't, and I just don't have the room. And thankfully I managed to stick to that, although montages by Crayon Chick (none of which are featured on her website) did have my resolve wavering. In the end I settled for buying some of her collage magnets.

There was a lot of cool stuff, but as always tends to happen with us, all of the best stuff was on the very last two stalls we looked at. Okay, the best stuff as far as I was concerned... Ma did buy a few other things along the way.

But on the first of those two stalls, Almond Tree Frames (where I got my rabbit last year) I found two different toy soldiers and a set of Where The Wild Things Are bookmarks and on the other, Green on the Inside, I found this key pendant...

labyrinth keyAn intricate key, red thread, a ring that mentions San Francisco... could it have been any more made for me? I did take the escutcheon off though, since I didn't think it was adding anything... but Ma may make that into a brooch, so it's not going to go to waste.

We grabbed some lunch from the Red Door Bakery stall... I had an Angas Beef pie that was so light and melt in the mouth... delicious!

After that we wandered over to The Jam Factory to look at the Making Waves surfboard exhibition... they were so shiny and beautiful... I just wanted to caress them...

Since there wasn't any glassblowing we could sit around and watch, we headed back to the car and drove around to Rundle Street since Ma wanted to head to the Bead Shop again. Then we stopped for something to drink (mmmm lemon gelati floating in apple and peach juice!) and headed up to the Mall.

On the way I detoured into Diamonds Cameras to look at the Sony NEX-3 camera... I know my current digital camera is only just a year old... but the Sony has interchangeable lenses and is essentially a digital compact body with SLR lenses. But it's also $1100... which, disturbingly I could pay for purely with gold coins... but I'm not sure it's really necessary... so I'm going to muse on it...

After a little wandering around we headed back here and booked the flight for the Sydney trip, which was the easy part... then we started looking at hotels... which took forever... trying to find something central at the right price. We did end up finding something and Ma took down the details to call them when she got home.

Which she did... and it turned out they didn't have available rooms... which turned out to be very good news. After some investigation I managed to find a place right in the middle of the city... a minute away from Circular Quay, two minutes from the Opera House... granted it isn't going to be anywhere near as nice as the hotel in Melbourne, but I think I can safely say that very few hotels will live up to that standard.

But we have a flight, we have a hotel... we're going to Sydney!

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