photo friday: tree teddy

wild jungle tree teddyThis is the wild Tree Teddy, captured in his natural habitat, lurking on an out of the way spot waiting for his prey to pass underneath so he can pounce...

Actually, I shot this in the Botanical Gardens a couple of weeks back, Ma spotted it... this little teddy sitting high up in a tree... but he wasn't lonely, on the next branch over was a little stuffed tiger. They'd obviously been out in the weather for a while, the teddy had essentially lost all his fur. Whether the gardeners had put them up there, or some very limber visitors I'm not sure...

Today has had a number of ups and downs...

The Ups:
  • I discovered I'd finally been given access to "New Twitter" this morning... I was essentially part of the "And everyone else" rollout, but still...
  • I got to listen to D&D podcasts starring Wil Wheaton and the Penny Arcade guys (earlier sessions to the videos I watched earlier in the week)... even though I've never actually played D&D, they're highly enjoyable!
  • I finally got around to knocking over a bunch of non urgent stuff that has been handing around my work Inbox for the last week or so.
  • Somebody asked me if I was okay because according to them they'd been hearing my "shitty snarky" tone of voice for the last couple of days and they wanted to make sure I wasn't overly stressed (which I wasn't really... we'd just been doing a lot of debating of ideas).
  • Booked my pre-Sydney haircut and my pre-Christmas haircut!
  • Passing on the knowledge that when you give a money box to somebody, you never give it empty (I actually passed that one a while ago, but it came up again today).
  • Chocolate milk!
The Downs:
  • I put a brand new shirt on this morning and discovered that the buttonholes on the sleeves were either missing or not properly cut through.
  • I went to photograph said lack of buttonholes with my iPhone, only to discover that the camera, which had started working again a week or so ago, had stopped working again.
  • Turns out my shirt isn't overly well made (it's from Red Circle and was on the bargain rack, whatdayawant!), the stitching on the decorative features on the shoulder is either missing or falling apart or both.
  • Arguing why people shouldn't do things the way that works for them, but rather the way I say they should do it... you're never going to win that one... fortunately I was discussing it with H-San rather than the people involved.
  • H-San going on leave for the next two weeks... there is always something screwy that happens when he's gone.
  • Being told that a meeting request was for important T&D when actually it's for a pointless social gathering in a well known outdoor homosexual beat, but now that I know I declined the request...
So it pretty much all comes out about even I think...

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