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Unconscious Muttering not found... coz, you know, internet humour... yeah never mind...

So after waiting for a week and a half to hear back from Airport Transfer Company A, I requested a quote from Airport Transport Company B at 10:20 this morning... but 10:45 I had a reply. So I booked with them.

I think that's officially everything now... this time next week we'll be in Sydney!

Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Sarcasm :: My lifeblood
  2. Coke :: Cola
  3. Frank :: Donnie
  4. Party :: Time
  5. Witches :: Eastwick
  6. Intentional :: Insult
  7. Crisp :: Sheetgs
  8. Lockers :: Sauna
  9. Walking :: Morning
  10. Fundraiser :: Donation
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Victor said...

Bring some warm Adelaide weather with you if you can. Sydney's spring has sucked so far this year.

yani said...

The weather here hasn't been much better Victor... but I'll see what I can manage :)


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