photo friday: butterfly tongue

butterfly tongueThis is one of those "I don't believe I got this" shots... every other time I've tried to snap butterflies, they take off... but this one was content to just sit there slurping up nectar while I shoved my camera right in it's face...
  • I wore purple today... I'm not exactly sure HOW it helps gay youth at risk... but I did it anyway.
  • Just when we thought Summer weather had arrived, Winter crept back in the door... it's been raining... and raining... and windy and cold... and raining.
  • Thankfully my hot water, which went out on Tuesday (and was fixed yesterday) has held up to the weather.
  • After listening to D&D podcasts all week long I wanna play Dungeons and Dragons!
  • I've noticed that I don't buy "ready made" food so much anymore... sure I might buy something that can just be stuck in the oven, like fish or whatever, but it's been ages since I bought anything "heat and eat".
  • Work was fairly slow today... H-San is still on leave, Sugarmonkey had the day off, so it was just me and Rockchick. Very much a m'eh kind of day.
  • I may have to go to a workshop on Wednesday that I'm not especially interested in or excited about... it would be useful, but given the other people who are going it could be a very tedious day.
I'm sure there was more stuff... but it's all gone clean out of my head...

And now it's time for 60 Minute Makeover...

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