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Well, my suitcase is half packed (I'm waiting until tonight to pack all my t-shirts so that they're not too wrunkled)... I did the check-in thing this morning, but I think because I did it on the web and not on my phone it didn't give me the option of doing the whole mobile/SMS boarding pass thing. Or maybe it's just that Adelaide Airport doesn't have the technology to do that yet, which is a bit lame...

And the taxi is booked for 5:45... that's FIVE FUCKING FORTY FIVE IN THE MORNING! Ahem... it's a wee bit early, so I'll be going to bed early and setting about four alarms on my iPhone just in case.

Since I don't know what the internet situation is going to be in the hotel, so I think I'm going to do the whole "go dark/fill in the gaps later" thing.

I also figured I may as well post some Unconscious Mutterings today instead of tomorrow...
  1. Adhesive :: Tape
  2. Bill :: Ted
  3. Swing :: Rope
  4. Counter :: Culture
  5. Fluid :: Transmission
  6. Investigate :: Crime Scene
  7. Chit chat :: Waffle
  8. Humane :: Treatment
  9. Boss :: Big
  10. Furniture :: Removal
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