the green, the ring and the geek

curving green fluffy bud
It's green, it's botanical and it has texture... it's Wednesday's featured photos...

Yesterday on the way home I was fiddling with my piercing (you know, the one in my ear you can see in my profile picture), as I am often want to do, and there was a "pop" sound and the ball came out! Now, I've had that particular piercing for at least 10 years (the oldest digital photos I can find I already have the second piercing in (which I no longer have), and that was 2001, so the first one predates that), and I've never had a moment's problem with it.

Obviously it was about due... before the movie last night we stopped off at the tattoo/piercing place on Rundle Street and I asked the girl if she could pop the ball back in. She tried and she tried and she tried... she used her hands, she used pliers, she used the other pliers... nothing.

So at lunch today I went into Essential Beauty and asked them to try... and for a moment I didn't think it was going to go in, but she had better pliers obviously and it's all in position again now. They did also charge me $5 for the privilege, which I thought was a bit of a cheek.

The rest of today kind of got away from me... I finally managed to finish something I've been trying to do for a week at work, but when I got home I started checking up on old tweets that I'd saved to look at later and had a big geek moment over a series of D&D videos starring Wil Wheaton and the guys from Penny Arcade... well over an hour and a half of videos, and I started watching, then I watched while I was cooking dinner, then I kept watching, and kept watching... and then my evening just evaporated.

But between D&D geekery and Spicks and Specks deleted scenes, I had a very good time...

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