photo friday: waterlily bloom

waterlily bloomI'm a blonde again baby!

Also, it rained today... I mean serious rain... my favourite kind of rain actually. Big fat proper Spring rain... and there was no wind at all so it just fell straight down out of the sky. I love that! It got a little wispy and wussy later in the day, which was less good, but at least that was easier to travel home in.

I'm also officially on holidays for a week... because, you know, I'm going to Sydney... which I think I've mentioned... once or twice.

Today was actually an excellent "last day before leave" kind of day. I was busy pretty much all day, but while I was engaged in work activities, none of it really felt like working. Essentially I did a lot of talking and a fair bit of listening.

I'm pretty sure I've said it before, but it often astounds me when I open my mouth at work, exactly how knowledgeable I am/sound. In the every day grind of things I sometimes forget that, really, I know stuff! And when people ask me questions, I'm often able to answer them in a sensible and comprehensive fashion.

Except when people ask me the dictionary definitions of words... then I get a bit lost. I can use the word correctly, just don't ask me to actually give you a definition! Rockchick did that a couple of times today, and ended up writing one of them down (esoteric... one of my favourite words) and she then rifled through her notes to use it later in the day. Quite sweet really.

I was a tiny bit obnoxious when I was leaving this afternoon, I went and said goodbye to more people than I would usually say goodbye to specifically so that I could tell them I wasn't going to be in next week because I was going to Sydney. Little bit cheeky really.

Once I was done with work and had called Ma to also tell her that I was now officially on holiday (amongst other things... although she went on leave earlier in the week I think, so she wins that particular game), I toddled off to see Tink who was looking particularly fetching in a pair of knee high pixie boots... very apt really.

Now I have a confession to make... my Sydney haircut choice was inspired by Gruen Transfer era Will Anderson... or at least it was the starting point. It's quite short for quite a way up the sides and then graduates up to a higher section at the top. And boy is it blonde!

Last time we went with dark colour around the sides and some blonde sections combed into the top... this time we decided on the usual blonde colour I use around the side and some SUPER blonde sections across the top. The end result looks VERY blonde but actually has a fair bit of depth and texture to the top part. I'm pretty pleased with it.

Tink commented that no matter what we do with my hair, it always makes my eyes look really blue... we take it dark, they pop out as really blue... we go blonde, my eyebrows match my hair finally and my eyes look really blue. I resisted the temptation to reply to her statement with "that's because they're blue"...

Because the weather appeared to be threatening some serious rain (which I don't think it's actually delivered as yet) I decided to head for home, although I did stop off at Haighs first.

I was somewhat disappointed that they didn't seem to have any Rocky Road or toasted marshmallow on display, and when I asked the girl behind the counter she said that it was because "mashmallow season is over"... now I didn't actually know that was such a thing as "marshmallow season", but it turns out that because Haighs don't use any preservatives in their marshmallow it doesn't do terribly well in the hotter months.

Which disappointingly means that I'm going to have to wait until next Easter before I can get my hands on some more marshmallow goodness... well, once I finish off the two packets of dark Rocky Road I bought...

It very much looks like this weekend could be all about tidying up... I do like to come home to a clean house after we've been away, and my house is looking a touch untidy at present so I'll have to attend to that.

Just three more sleeps!

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