montage saturday: supermarchés puis botanique

botanique 2010According to Google Translate, my day can most simply be summed up by the phrase... "Supermarchés, puis botanique"...

And it sounds much more interesting that way... not that it wasn't a great day, it was... and it gave me an excuse to throw together a montage for the first time in a while.

The day started about the same as any number of Saturdays, firstly with me stumbling around my apartment tidying up (which is always somewhat pointless as by the end of Saturday the place always takes on a somewhat rumpled appearance), then with the ritual Supermarket Adventures...

For some reason we were nice and early getting there, and made it just in time for all sorts of things to be fresh out of the oven at Bakers Delight... mmmm warm carbs!

Anyway, we did the usual aisle slalom, avoided some of the slightly weird shoppers who were sharing our supermarket space (I swear there was a slightly trailer trash gay couple, one of whom looked a little bit like he was coming down off something) and got through the whole production unscathed.

We've been talking about heading to the Botanical Gardens for a few weeks, but the weather has been fairly awful since, but the forecast for today was supposed to be good, so we decided to head over there. And fortunately the sun did come out eventually, but there was also a fair bit of BGC (big grey cloud).

But as I've said on many occasions, BGC is just nature's softbox, so it never hurts with photographs. I also think the wet weather followed by the recent sunshine helped the plants all be budding and blooming and doing all manner of Spring-like things. So there was lots to photograph.

We also went into the Museum of Economic Botany, which we've never done before (not surprising, since it only reopening in 2009 after being restored. It's quite beautiful really, full of specimens of various woods and seeds and fruit and vegetables all dried out and displayed in glass cabinets. There was also a very interesting display about woodcarving at one end, which included the artwork in the centre of the montage... it was a peep hole with lighting that changed and was very cool... especially since my camera worked beautifully and snagged some great shots when I stuck the lens down the viewing hole.

Not long after we came out of the Museum my camera's battery gave up the ghost, so we headed over to Rundle Street to poke around some of the shops and then stop off at Cocolat to rest our weary feet and grab a bite to eat.

A very pleasant day overall, and now I'm sitting here in my trackies listening to 30 Seconds to Mars on my headphones... and soon I'm going to make a tasty home-made burger for dinner... *le sigh*

Oh, and something I forgot to mention in yesterday's braindump... Thursday marked my one year anniversary of being all wired up to the 21st Century... yep, a whole year of wireless broadband! At least, Thursday is the anniversary of when I actually got it to work properly. And in something of a record for me, I've had the same desktop wallpaper on my computer all that time!

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Coulourful. What is the part in the very middle?


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