sunday well spent

sunday driveI'll fully admit that I do not in any way have the best sense of direction... but sometimes that comes in a little bit useful, like today...

I went out this morning to get Ma's calendar bound and finished off and it turned into a bit of an adventure.

The actual binding of the calendar wasn't anywhere near as interesting as last year, but it did give me some time to wander around Officeworks and pick up a bunch of stuff... mostly plastic display frames, but I also grabbed a small pack of magnetic photo paper which could be interesting.

I did have a little windfall when the girl was ringing up all my purchases... because I'd put two of the larger display frames together she didn't separate them out as she scanned everything, so I got two for the price of one. I didn't realise it at the time, I thought the price wasn't quite right, but didn't really question it and it was only when I was looking at the docket later that I worked out what she'd done. Ah well... their error...

Next up I threw a U-turn and went down the road to The Reject Shop to see if they had any of those iPhone FM Tuners... I should have know better really... not only was it Sunday staff, but I chose to ask the sole 8yo on staff (okay, so he was probably twice that... but only just) where things were. When he got done staring at me blankly he gave me the standard "if it's not there we don't have it answer" that is totally bullshit... it's just their way of saying "I neither know nor care about what you're talking about, please go away now"... so after wandering around the store a bit longer to see if I could find it myself (which I couldn't), I gave up and called Ma since I knew she was out and about this morning too. And she found one no problem, which now makes me wonder if they did have them where I was but I just couldn't find them.

When I got back to the car I decided to swing past Sheba's place to drop off a book for the kids that I've had sitting on my bookshelf for almost a year since I was kind of in the general area (of course I had to take the book with me to be able to do that so it wasn't a completely off the cuff plan)... well, I assumed I was in the right area anyway... but that's where the lack of sense of direction kicked in. I knew I was going in the right direction and I did end up in the right general area, I was just further along the road than I expected to be (when I eventually found it)...

But it did serve me well... I'd planned on swinging past Bunnings to find a saw to cut down the dowel that my toy soldiers are hanging from... I should have done it yesterday but forgot. And then there, right in front of me was a Bunnings store.

So once quick question and a $3.50 hacksaw (or actually hacksaws plural) later I was on my way again... and had to throw yet another U-turn (I just had to keep throwing U-turns for most of the trip) to get me headed in the right direction again.

At this point I did give in and look in the street directory, but I still managed to get all turned around when I got near Sheba's place. It's my own fault... there are two very similarly themed street names, one is Sheba's, the other not so much. Guess which one I took?

Eventually I got myself around the right way and ended up at Sheba's place... but the Ganesha statue that used to be outside was gone and the cars in the drive were different... oddly enough it was the Ganesha statue that made me sure that they had moved... so I called Sheba to check, and got her voicemail... so I left a message and then went to embarrass myself in front of total strangers.

When somebody eventually came to the door it was incredibly weird... it was like the totally low rent version of Sheba! Similar build, works in the same industry (she was wearing her work shirt) and had twins about the same age as little Rockstar... so when she came to the door I thought for a second that it was Sheba... but not so much...

So I just gave up and came home again... after a slight detour to grab a newspaper and some lunch of course... and just after I got back Sheba called me and we chatted for quite a while... and made plans to catch up while I'm off work between Christmas and New Year, so that's good.

But all that in the space of two and a half hours.

And I did put my new hacksaw to good use, and dug out my paints briefly to give the dowel a lick of red paint.

All in all, a day well spent...

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