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post christmas sale sundayOkay, so I'm now officially all out of whack...

Yesterday was Saturday, but I didn't do anything except go out to get the paper... and today was Sunday, but Ma and I went out shopping and ended our day at the movies (since this Tuesday should have been our movie night, after the flipped around schedule of Christmas, but it's also Ma's first day back at work, so a little unfair). And tomorrow is Monday, but I don't have to go to work.

See, it's all very confusing. Stupid Christmas.

No, seriously though... while it is slightly throwing my internal calendar all out of sync, it wasn't a bad day.

Ma came down later than she would on a usual shopping Saturday, but we still had some time to kill when she got here, so I got caught up on the news from Second Christmas (and I got my presents, half of which were useless, but there was a $50 voucher for the ABC Shop, so that will come in handy, even if they do tend to overcharge for stuff), and helped Ma out with something she was stuck on with her DS (bless the internet and game walkthroughs).

Rather than going off to do the supermarket stuff first, we headed down to Arndale to check out what was left of the Christmas decorations (and I made use of my little iPhone gadget that lets me play my iPod through a car radio... works so much better in Ma's car than it currently does in mine)... the main reason for the Arndale trip was that I wanted to get some more lights like I got last year in Big W, but in "cool white" rather than blue... no such luck though... they had multicolour and red and green, but they weren't anywhere near as ridiculously (in a good way) priced as last year... so I didn't bother.

I think next year I might have to just bite the bullet and buy them when they come out... full price be damned.

Other than that, we didn't get a lot of other stuff... random cheap bits and pieces mainly... although I did pick up this cute but very cheesy green dinosaur Christmas ornament (you know it's for Christmas because he has a little green and white striped Santa hat on)... cute though. But people were a world of rude... just being all in the way, and this one old granny practically snatched up the last version of something when I picked up the second to last one.

Plus, if you're going to be wandering around very narrow aisles with a trolley when people are trying to get places... perhaps DON'T... or better yet, put something in your trolley instead of using it as a cheap walking frame.

Anyway, after a few very pointed "ExCuse Me's" (and the capital C is intentional... all in the way you say it) and moving people's trolleys out of my way when necessary, we wandered away from the crap Christmas department and looked around everywhere else. Not much around really.

But we still wandered around the rest of the mall before giving up and heading off to the stoopidmarket.

Technically we were only going in for a "few things"... just stuff to tide me over until Tuesday or so... especially given that it's going to be a warm week... but I'll admit... I got in there, and I kinda panicked... or got all overexcited... or something... ended up coming out with masses of stuff... mostly useful stuff (a ton of fruit to make fruit salad with tomorrow... and stuff for salads)... but some semi random stuff that I'm not sure why I bought it. I'm sure it won't go to waste though... I just need to get it in my cupboards now.

After the supermarket we wandered into Red Circle... slightly better pickings in there... although their Christmas section was crap even before Christmas... but Ma did pick up a couple of bits of clothing, and I grabbed a couple of DVDs.

That was about it though, and then we headed back here to unpack and plan our next move.

I had a halfbaked plan about heading down to West Lakes and maybe using the vouchers La Cousina gave me for Christmas to see a movie... which turned out to be nowhere near as halfbaked as I thought it was, since that's exactly what we did.

The downside to the plan is that the movie wasn't on for about three hours, so we'd have to kill time in the shops. Which obviously is never a particular hardship for Ma and me.

In the end though, the gods did seem to be conspiring against us ever so slightly... I could have bought stuff from JB HiFi, but the line was too long to bother about... we would have bought some marked down Christmas stuff at David Jones, except the dozey staff had things on a marked down rack that wasn't actually marked down (isn't there some rule that says they have to give you stuff at the display price... or is that just wishful thinking)...

Although that's being unfair to the shopping gods... I did find two more toy soldiers (I think technically they're both Nutcrackers... especially since one is a little tiny book of the Nutcracker story), and thanks to my iPhone I was able to call up my DVD list online and work out that a knocked down copy of one of the Lonely Planet Six Degrees episodes was one I didn't have yet. Bless my iPhone.

We then grabbed a little something to eat and drink before we headed up to Reading Cinemas... and got more stuff to eat and drink thanks to the Candy Bar voucher that La Cousina thoughtfully added to our movie tickets (and FYI... movie popcorn is fucking salty... which goes to show how long it's been since we had any). The cinema complex turned out to be quite nice, as did the cinema we were in... big and clean and kinda swanky looking. Although I would say one word to the cinema management... "chairs"... once you go through into the cinema complex itself, there's really nowhere to sit before you go into the movie... which is bad.

The other thing that's fairly crap is that their version of Gold Class, you're actually in the same cinema as everybody else... you're just in a walled off area with better chairs and people to bring you food and stuff. So definitely won't be doing that one.

They did have this funky little soundproof booth in the corner of the cinema though, which we discovered later was for mothers with noisy babies/toddlers/chillens in general... which is kinda cool... although it would be nice to use just to get away from everybody else.

Once we got out of the movie it was after 5, so everything was shut up and we called it a day.

So, yes... a very different Sunday... but pleasant all the same.

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