unconscious mutterings 360

Well, the goodies where muchly appreciated by all... nobody was around when I got to work, so I scurried around, quick like a bunny to get everything in place on everybody's desk before anyone arrived. Not bad for somebody operating on four hours sleep.

I will say that there was an amazing chocolate smell when I unzipped the bag they were in this morning... mmmm nummy...

Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Interest :: Compound
  2. Chase :: Movie
  3. Itch :: Scratch
  4. Soothe :: Balm
  5. Lamp :: Genie
  6. Tutor :: Math
  7. Nicole :: Ritchie (sad, but she was the first one I thought of)
  8. Sloth :: Ice Age
  9. Burn :: Notice
  10. Bug :: Volkswagon

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