unconscious mutterings 359

A bit of a weird day... I was more or less alone in the office (well, our section anyway)... which I think may be a theme for the week... the office Christmas lunch is this week, and I've passed on it... I just couldn't be bothered.

Then there's an ongoing sense of frustration with passwords and things on the iPhone... I tried to log into my Optus account through the little app for the purpose... and it wouldn't let me. Actually I'm surprised that when I attempted to log into my wireless broadband at home from the phone via WiFi it actually worked first time. However I haven't gone off downloading things since I'm a little unsure about what logging into the WiFi actually means... does it mean I'm off the grid, payment-wise?

And the old SIM card fell over and the new one kicked in between me being on the bus coming home and walking in the door (we're talking within 10 minutes). But I couldn't get hold of Ma because she'd obviously stayed late at work and I couldn't call her mobile and the answering machine was on at work... so there was a degree of stressing... eventually got hold of her though.

Oh, and the "radio" I bought for my iPhone turned out not to be a radio at all... it was an FM Transmitter so that I can listen to things from my iPhone via the car radio... very unhelpful since that's not what I wanted, but not a complete waste of time.

Then there was an odd little knock at the door tonight while I was making dinner, turned out to be one of my irritating neighbours... well, a less irritating one since he found my work security card outside on the footpath and brought it back to me... it must have fallen off my bag as I was getting my keys out... I'm just glad he knew where to bring it (but then it does have my photo on it).

On top of all that, the Weather Icon on my Google sidebar (on the laptop) has gone completely haywire... I have no idea what weather it's showing, but it sure as hell isn't Adelaide's... currently it's saying that it's 0°C and possibly snowing... but I've just deleted and re-added it and it seems okay.

But enough of that... Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Up :: Pixar
  2. Scram! :: Cats and kids
  3. Smell :: Bad
  4. Belong :: Home
  5. Doug :: There was an early 90's cartoon by that name... weird looking kid...
  6. Collar :: Dog
  7. Squirrel :: Nuts
  8. Chinese :: Checkers
  9. Tracker :: Map
  10. Apartment :: Brownstone

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Mind Of Mine said...

I used to love Doug so much..

Almost as much as Hey Arnold!


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