tuesday grab bag

it's going to be a bit of a grab-bag today...Damnation...

Originally I was going to go with a whole different post today, but so very much happened today (or seemed to) that I just plain old ran out of time to actually write the other post...

So we'll save that for tomorrow maybe, and go with some dot-pointerly grab bag goodness for today...
  • I lost a bunch of time this morning, so had to catch up on extra stuff when I got home.
  • Much too hot today, the aircon at work is only 75% working and my little fan is slightly noisier than I would like.
  • Picked up tickets for Bugs Bunny at the Symphony at lunch, got stuck behind this stupid woman who asked for a ticket to the wrong thing and had to wait while it was refunded and reprocessed.
  • Stopped in to the Optus store to ask a couple of things, only half of which could be answered in store, the other half will require a call to the Customer Service people... *blerk*.
  • Team meeting this afternoon, which always eats up an hour and a half.
  • Stopped off at the supermarket on the way home and then I got home to discover a "parcel delivery card" in the letterbox, so had to go straight back out again.
  • Parcel was the full case of Jibibuts and the singular Trikku I ordered less than a week ago.
  • Was incredibly lame and photographed each stage of the unwrapping procedure.
  • Haven't opened any of the individual packages yet though.
  • Fiddled with my iPhone, logged into my wireless broadband with WiFi and also downloaded a bunch of apps via iTunes.
  • Stanza is too cool, and I actually WANT to read Alice In Wonderland on my iPhone (I think that might be my next book)!
  • Having to rename a whole album of songs that didn't come up automatically in iTunes is a pain in the ass and will eat into your night.
  • Distracted by Oprah visiting the Obamas for a Christmas special... a puff piece mostly, but when the world's most powerful man sits down with arguably the world's most powerful woman, you gotta watch.
  • Why is there no easy way to resize video files?
Mostly I ran out of day because I managed to distract myself with one thing or another really...

I do have something of a dilemma though... pointless and small dilemma, but I'm putting the call out anyway.

The Twitter username I would have preferred (yani) is being held but not used by some total random (as is my second choice of yaniboy... and garrulous is out too), and as much as I'd love to have my first choice I don't think it's going to happen... and I do have a couple of other ideas, but nothing that I'm really that wedded to.

So I'm asking The Wide World of Blogdom for suggestions... even if you've never commented before but have been reading the blog for some time, now's the time... drop your suggestion in the box (and points will only be awarded if they're actually available as Twitter names)... surely I've revealed enough about myself thus far to provide plenty of material for suggestions.

Oddly, today was a day when I really could have been all about Twitter... as outlined above there were lots of little piddly things happening and it might have been nice to do a stream of consciousness about them as they occurred... although I probably wouldn't have anyway since I'm still living on borrowed bandwidth at present.

I dunno... HELP!

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