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holiday shoppingOne of those very exhausting yet ultimately productive shopping days...

It started off well though... Ma brought two more toy soldiers down for me out of the "new" pile... the walking wind-up one and a clear "crystal" one (ie plastic). Woohoo.

Next up was the supermarket portion of shopping, which seemed to involve much more stuff than it has done the past few weeks, although that was partly because we bought a bunch of stuff in preparation for making the Christmas goodies the weekend after next.

Then we came back here and faffed about for a bit before taking off for the Art at the Hart market at Port Adelaide... it was also the Celtica Festival too, which mostly involved guys with chunky thighs in kilts (so not a complete waste of time) and some overly loud music that I very much associated with my childhood.

But the Art Market turned out to be pretty good... not so much for me, but for both Ma and her Christmas shopping list.

I ended up picking up a seahorse made out of recycled corrugated iron for Ma and a couple of bits of jewellery that will now go away for her birthday. Oddly enough though one of them is by the same woman who did the Celtic designed pendant I bought for Ma last year... and not only did she remember me, but Ma was actually wearing the pendant. She does seem to have branched out with what she makes though, so there was kind of a reduced selection of designs. But very cool to find her again.

I did come to a realisation though... generally there's not really that much stuff for dudes at that kind of art market... it's all jewellery and essentially girly stuff or else just crap. So all I walked away with was this clay "Emperor" imprint... I can't really explain what it is, but it did kinda call to me, and it was only $2.

Once we'd done a complete circuit (which took longer than I originally thought it was going to because there were a lot more stalls than I thought) we stopped off to have some gozleme for lunch before we decided to call it a day... but we had to stop off and get some of Jonny's Kettle Corn (the salty and sweet stuff). Now I was sure that last time we bought some at the Rundle Street Market that we bought a jumbo bag... obviously not... must have been the large. So I asked for two jumbo bags, and they didn't have any left, but he said that he would whip up some more but it would take around 10 minutes. But that was okay, because it meant we could have another little wander up and down the stalls. When we got back to the kettle corn stall they got the jumbo bags out... OMG... huge! And two of them... double huge! So I felt like a bit of a piglet walking back to the car with these two giant bags of popcorn shoved under my arm.

I was also kicking myself somewhat that I didn't take my camera down to the Port with me... the market was in an area I really haven't ever explored, so I will definitely have to revist it another day.

Since we were already down in that general area, we headed down to West Lakes... not really with any particular plan in mind, but that it wasn't that far away and it was indoors.

It didn't turn out to be a bad plan... I found another toy soldier card, both Ma and I picked up a new accordian shade for our cars (pink and green respectively) and Ma finally found a cheap Nintendo DS game that she liked, MySims Kingdom (you know, for when all that thinking and brain training gets too much for her).

Once we had wandered around everywhere we gave up and headed back to my place, although we did stop off at Bunnings to grab a couple of gift vouchers, and Loot to just look at random stuff.

So even though it doesn't sound like a very busy day, we didn't really get back here until about 4:30... and of course, even though I took my hat with me and wore the damn thing, I still managed to get slightly sunburnt... mostly on the back of my neck...

And that was my day... I spent too much money and still have a bunch of stuff I need to go and do tomorrow (getting Ma's calendar bound and picking up the odd bit of stuff I couldn't get today)...

Oh, and the Universe sent me a sign when I got home... there was a Reject Shop catalogue in my letter box (amongst others) and it has an FM transmitter that's compatible with an iPhone (or iPod)... for only $20... so that answers the whole "no radio" issue... I forsee a mobile phone shopping trip next weekend...

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