photo friday: city reindeer

city reindeer with purple treeIn a week from now Christmas will all be over with the exception of laying around in a food coma. That just seems to have come around very quickly and seemingly out of nowhere.

The world took stupid pills in the latter half of this week, especially today... stupid questions, stupid decisions, stupid statements and general stupid...

Some days you just need a chocolate milk and a ham, cheese and tomato croissant at 9am. Today was one of those days.

Sugarmonkey and I wore the same style and colour of shirt (except mine had stripes)... but it had to happen sooner or later.

H-San made himself laugh until he turned purple in the face and cried... and all over instances of the words "information" and "relevant" (which he later turned into the word "elephant").

And I was just generally over every damn thing.

I was a little freaked out last night... I came out of the apartment block on my way to drop off my dry cleaning and there was a guy with a camera across the road taking a photo, seemingly of me. I'm sure that part was accidental, but it did throw me for a loop and made me wish I'd said something to him. It did bring back memories of this very early blog post too.

While catching up on the distinct lack of gossip from yesterday's office party, I also discovered that one of the girls from a different section on our floor had no idea I was a big 'mo and was seemingly somewhere between surprised and shocked to discover it. Bless her little heart... she's a lovely girl, but not that bright.

I thought my place was going to be Grand Central Station (by comparison to normal anyway) tonight... and it still might, although it doesn't seem as likely. First Ma is swinging past after she went into the Optus store in town about her phone (turns out the thing she was complaining about is "a feature of the phone"... so she wasn't happy), then J and The New Boy were supposed to be coming over later in the evening... but I hadn't heard from J... but then Ma called me to tell me she was on her way (and whinge about the feature thing) and J called me not two minutes later, so now he's on his way over too.

As much as I love my little red Converse sneakers, they still kill my feet... and add to that the fact that at the beginning of the week my right hip feels fine, but by the end of the week it's all twingey... less fun. I'm guessing it must be something to do with my chair at work... or maybe my walk... see I knew exercise was bad for you.

I'm addicted to Unblock Me on my iPhone. Seriously, I only added it a week ago (maybe less) and I'm already up to level 150. I've even taken to playing it on the bus, and I'm sure one day I'm going to go straight past my stop.

When I got home (after stopping off and picking up my dry-cleaning and whatnot) the other little parcel card I've been expecting was in my letterbox... so I had to get in the car and go down to stand in a very, very long line (seriously, why wait until the last minute for everything people) and pick up my case of Tin Soldier wine. That's one bottle for me, and 11 more that I have no idea what I'm going to do with (okay, that's kinda not true... a bottle for Sheba, a bottle for J, a few bottles for people Ma knows, etc).

Hearing a woman speaking French is just cool. It happened in Melbourne and it happened in the Post Office. A woman in front of me was with her 3yo daughter, and speaking French to her. Very cool. And the daughter's name was Salome, so even cooler.

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