big fat solo pre-christmas shopping saturday

grab your christmas goodiesLordy... you would think that not really needing to do any shopping and flying solo because I'm going down to Ma's for Goodie Making tomorrow would lead to a fairly quiet day...

Not so much...

Turned into a bit of an adventure really. The supermarket portion of the morning was fairly average... and since it's Christmas week, I don't need much. I did manage to find a pair of new jeans for Christmas Day... normally I have some sort of outfit arranged for Christmas ages ago, but nothing was presenting it self until today.

And even though I reminded myself, I still forget to take my honey jar with me, so after I got back home and dropped everything off I detoured off to the Honey Man. I played my iPod (is it correct to call it an iPod even though it's part of the iPhone, after all that's what the icon is called) on the way down and tried out the FM Transmitter thing I bought.

And it works brilliantly... or it would if it were not for the fact that the radio is still playing up after they replaced my aerial. But in principal it's a good little doodad.

But as I got to the Honey Man I got a predictably pornographic text message from Slick Willy... part of me couldn't be bothered and sent him back a message saying I was already at Marion, since I'd intended to head down there. But since his place is on the way I had a change of heart (well, a change in some body part anyway) and messaged him back again before dropping by.

Adult sexual situations ensued.

After I left him I stopped off at The Christmas Shop, just on the offchance... we hadn't been since they really sorted out all their new stock and rearranged the shop somewhat... and it was pleasantly surprising... they'd organised things a whole lot better, and it was much easier to move around. The shop was also mostly deserted, or felt that way, especially compared with last Christmas (granted that was much earlier in the month).

I have to say that I do love hearing new people's reactions to that shop... I couldn't help smiling when one of the women was telling her grandson not to touch anything, bit like taking a kid to a lolly factory and telling them they can't eat anything. And the woman who said "this shop is like the TARDIS" made me laugh to myself.

There were also a whole bunch of new toy soldiers...

it's an addiction... or a collection... one of those A marionette, a very wide hipped female version, a little tin man with wobbly legs, two variations on teddy toy soldiers and the little spherical man who looks like he should be made of glass and have a hinge that opens (but is just solid and not glass).

Yes, yes... I got a little carried away... but I did have an almost guided tour around the shop by the owner's wife at one point on the lookout for different toy soldiers or variations on 12 drummers drumming.

Interestingly though I found all of these little guys on my own. Which is not really that surprising since I wandered around the shop for ages.

Once my brain had reached Christmas decoration overload (I actually think I started to get a "pattern matching headache"... when you're looking for things that are red and have big hats in a shop full of Santas who are in red with big hats, it can be difficult to pick out the stuff you like) I took my purchases and headed down to Marion.

On reflection, the thought of Marion on the last Saturday before Christmas, maybe not the brightest idea I've ever had... lots and lots and lots of people, all of whom had lost their minds, didn't know where the hell they were going and were scurrying around trying to buy all those last minute things for people they probably don't really like that much.

Thankfully I didn't really need to buy anything. I did pick up a copy of Dougal the Garbage Dump Bear though... not sure who for, but it's just an adorable story (and shortlisted for the Children's Book Council Book of the Year prize back in 2005)... I saw it earlier in the day and just fell in love with it, and was telling Ma about it on the phone, so she suggested I grab a copy. It's based on a true story about a bear who gets thrown away and ends up at the dump and his adventures there with another abandoned toy, Buzzer the Bee... all told in photographs taken by (very cute, going by his profile) author, Matt Dray. Definitely one to pick up for a small child you know.

I also found a teeshirt to go with my new jeans... black and metallic and rainbow and shiny, as well as pretending to be related to New York in some way... all in all, so very gay...

It's weird though... a lot of the tops I've bought this Summer have been black... which isn't so great on really hot days... and I guess there are other colours out there, but stuff that I like, in my size... there seems to be a lot of black.

Fortunately my jeans are quite light... although I have no idea what shoes I'm wearing yet.

However the black and fluro yellow Bonds trunks I wanted, I couldn't find anywhere in my size... annoying.

Once I was done with all that I stopped off at Salsa's for lunch... love their Mexicrinkle chips, the burritos not so much, very average.

Then I headed off home but decided to stop off at another Kmart (to check if they had the teeshirt I bought in the next size up, and look at underwear), thanks to the Google Maps on my phone... I probably could have found it on my own, but I would have ended up going a much longer way.

The teeshirt obviously only goes up to the size I originally bought (which is fine, and once it stretches out a bit it'll be better)... and while they didn't have the exact underwear I wanted, I did end up getting a pair that's quite different from other ones I already have.

So... yeah... and that was pretty much that.

Big fat solo pre-Christmas shopping Saturday.

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