iphone thoughts with a twitter question

my main iphone screenWell, I've officially had Bumblebee for 18 days now... so I think I can safely list my thoughts on the pros and cons...

  • Messages are all grouped together in one spot for each person, I like that a lot
  • Being able to add all of a persons details (multiple numbers, address, emails) to their contact page
  • Maps... because I'm known to get lost
  • If you need the phone to do something, there's probably an app for it
  • Being able to connect via my wireless broadband
  • It's purdy...
  • The battery... it lasts about five minutes and certain apps are just battery whores
  • The inability to easily change ring and message tones... I have a handle on ringtones, but you can't add your own message tones (it's pretty damn basic, most other phones allow you to do it)
  • No icon on the screen to display that the phone in on silent or ability to time the silent mode
  • The fact that the phone has crashed on two occasions, both while accessing the camera
  • My inability to sync the stuff on the iPhone calendar with anything... even though I managed to hook it up to my Google calendar
All in all though, the good stuff outweighs the bad... it's not a perfect phone, and currently I'm probably only using about 25% of it's potential, but I'm enjoying it...

And there are instances when it comes in very handy... like Sunday, after Sherlock Holmes when Ma went "what has he been in?" I was able to quickly look up the actor in question (Mark Strong... most recently seen in Miss Pettigrew)... and before Christmas when I was able to find my way between two places with the aid of Google Maps... and generally being able to make lists of stuff (I like lists of stuff)...

The one app I haven't used at all yet is Twitterific... mostly because I still haven't decided on a username... I think I've narrowed it down to two (since nobody else was particularly forthcoming with suggestions)... redyani and tinsoldier...

So from now until Friday, I'm running a poll in the sidebar... lemme know what you think...

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Tom said...

Oh no, you're on optarse. Oh well, can't have everything!

Once the novelty wore off and I stopped touching it at every opportunity, I've found the battery life to be OK though I have to charge every night.

What's the Gmail app like? I just use the main mail app and get my gmail through imap.

Have you used Google Sync? It's supposed to work well, but I use MobileMe as it's better on the mac.

See you on twitter soon @tinsoldier! :P

yani said...

Oh hush you... Optus has been pretty good to me, never had a real problem, other than their stupid call centre from time to time.

I'm still looking for the right kind of docking station... don't really need something with massive speakers, but it would also have to fit the phone with the cover on it... plus I'm cheap, so these are all important issues.

I've read about Google Sync, but wasn't sure how that fitted in with the whole iTunes sync thing so I haven't taken it any further...

And I figured the first day of the new decade was as good a time as any to jump on the Twitter Bus... :)

Tom said...

Don't use a dock I'm afraid other than the standard apple one to connect via USB to the computer.

With the syncing you can choose what to sync how, so you'd sync your music via iTunes and your contacts and calendars via GoogleSync. Then you get automatic push synchronisation of email, contacts and calendars on the iPhone without having to do anything or press sync or anything. It works through microsoft exhange - there are instructions on the google page for how to set it up. :)

Mind Of Mine said...

I hated the Iphone. I borrowed a tester and gave it back after 2 days.

My main issue was the crashing and the stupidly short battery life!

I despised its shape as well.


Watch someone use both those usernames!

yani said...

The new versions don't even come with that dock anymore Tom... just the computer cable... I'll have to investigate the GoogleSync thing more I think... although I did discover today when I was putting stuff in my calendar that there was an option to sync it to my Gmail calendar... sadly that doesn't seem to be there for pre-existing items.

And to answer your question from before, the Gmail app isn't bad... it lets you access all the other non-mail things too, like the calendar and Google Reader, which is nice.

I don't mind the shape MOM, although the fact I can't text message one handed while walking is somewhat irritating.

And yes, I did consider the fact that even suggesting possible usernames would lead to somebody being a bastard and taking them... okay so far ;)


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