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snowman hairI'm not entirely sure why I bother going into work on Christmas Eve... oh, that's right... so they'll pay me... but I was there for about four hours and I think I did like two bits of work. The rest of it was standing around chatting and then eating stuff. Oh, and wearing light-up, musical reindeer antlers all morning (thankfully they weren't light-up and musical all the time or I would possibly have shot myself).

It's been a very food orientated week at work actually... each day something fattening and tasty has just randomly turned up on people's desks (although this morning I came in to find a pull-along toy reindeer on my desk... and while I suspect who it came from I really don't know)... I took my goodies in on Monday, on Tuesday La Ninj gave us all little containers full of choccies and stuff (some good, some bad) and A1 from across the way gave us all some Lindt balls, yesterday H-San bought doughnuts, Miss R brought her cookies and Captain Slow served up Haighs berry chocs (which I put into Ma's goodie bag).

And then today was the pièce de résistance... a super, bumper, floor-wide morning tea that took up most of the morning... there was an awesome lemon slice that I need to get the recipe for... but there was also a slight dilemma... how do you tell somebody who likes to bake and is kind of a "work friend" that her baking is always a bit dry? She made muffins the other week, and even the one with blueberries in it was a little dry (not sure how she managed that one)... today it was chocolate brownies... and they were okay, but still kinda dry. Urgh.

Anyway, I packed up my Christmas bibs and bobs (tree, reindeers, Santa that also appeared out of nowhere) and shoved them in my drawer (I'll have to rescue them when I got back on Monday week), straightened up my desk, hugged most of the people it was appropriate to hug (except I missed out on La Ninj because she was busy having a somewhat intense chat with somebody) and went off on my merry pre-Christmas way.

Although, by the time I'd done all that and waited for the very slow lifts in our building, I was running about five minutes behind for my haircut.

Woohoo Christmas Haircut Day!

I'd taken along a big box of goodies for Tink... I don't think she got as many last year because they were packed inside the mug I gave her... and she was very appreciative.

Then we got down to the serious business of haircut discussion and construction... I'm having this vague inkling about growing it out... not long exactly, but longer. And in theory this will be the last really short haircut before I start that process. So we made the most of it... kept it slightly longer on the top, but shortened it a lot around the sides, all the while discussing movies and Christmas plans.

That was followed with the serious business of hair colour discussion. I'd had a thought earlier in the week... and the thought was "caramel". But seriously, now that it's done it pretty much looks the exactly same colour of almost blonde we've been doing it for yonks. But it matches my eyebrows, so I'm not complaining too much.

I did nearly fall asleep when she was shampooing my hair at the end though... I mean I had been up since 5:30, and it was very restful laying there in the vibrating chair...

So hair's done... croissants for tomorrow morning were picked up and are currently sitting on my couch along with about twelve tons of other stuff I need to take... my outfit just needs to be hung up on the wardrobe door... Ma's presents are wrapped (see the earlier point about the couch)... I'm good to go for Christmas...

I know I say it every year, but all this build-up for one 24 hour period... sheesh...

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Lacarian said...

Dear Yani,I wish you happy christmas days and many many thoughts of your friends!


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