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haircut followed by shoppingWoohoo... Haircut Day!

Ma was having her Haircut Day today too, so I figured I might as well fit one in, save me waiting around the house for her.

Nothing overly complex from a haircut perspective, just a simple cut... but it's always nice to be all trimmed and tidy... had a good old natter to Tink about my Sydney trip, then Ma picked me up from town and after a quick trip to see the Honey Man we headed off to do the shopping...

I really do hate having to the shopping "late"... but it wasn't too painful this time around. A little busy, but okay.

Then after we came back here to unpack, Ma made the suggestion that since it seemed to be fairly windy outdoors, we could take our kites off somewhere and do a little kite flying.

We ended up heading down to the beach, and it wasn't bad... a little warm maybe, but nice and windy. And Ma's kite very much behaved itself this time.

I kept feeding more line out on my kite, and it did really well, but I got a little bored and went wandering up and down the beach a bit, then down to the water, mostly because I was curious to see if it would do as well over the cooler water than over the warm sand... for the most part it was okay... dipped a little low a couple of times, and the string did get wet once or twice... but it was only after Ma's kite did a nosedive into the sand that things kind of went pearshaped.

dramatic reconstructionAs per the dramatic reconstruction (on left), as I bent down to throw Ma's kite back into the air, my kite took the opportunity and did a nosedive into the water...

I thought I might have ended up losing it actually... the string got caught on some seaweed and I wasn't sure I was going to be able to pull it back in... but eventually the waves freed it up and I could drag it back to shore. It looked quite groovy actually, it was flying along under the water and looked like some kind of exotic sea creature. I tried to get Ma to take a shot of it with my camera, but the camera confused her and the kite ended up beaching itself in some seaweed before she had a chance.

I still had to clean the sand and the seaweed and muck off it, so I snapped the above shot when I was doing that. And luckily because the kite is essentially made of waterproof plastic, it went back up into the air no problems... it was a little insane for a bit, but sorted itself out pretty quickly.

We gave up when we ran out of wind, and headed over to West Lakes to get a drink and cool off a little... but the foozeball was on down there this afternoon, and trying to get a carpark was like finding a needle in a haystack. We did eventually manage to snag one though, wandered around for a little bit and then headed home again.

A simple day, but pretty good overall.

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