unconscious mutterings 273

Monday morning... brain all empty... Unconscious Mutterings...

  1. Questioning :: Reality

  2. Immunity :: Gameshow

  3. Online dating :: Pointless

  4. Calcium :: Deficiency

  5. Dressing :: Salad

  6. Bucket :: Sick

  7. Stain :: Remover

  8. Advanced :: Chemistry

  9. Dramatic :: Persona

  10. Self-medication :: Addict

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Bobby Vanquish said...

You would think...

Sunshine said...

It's very easy to make that Sizzler cheese bread:

1. Butter up a slice of bread
2. Sprinkle parmesan cheese (the powdery type)over the bread - it should stick to the butter
3. Pan fry the butter/cheese side

You should get that Sizzler toast as a final product. Enjoy. :)

yani said...

Who me Bobby? Seldom if ever, since that's about how often I drink... and it's even rarer that I drink to excess... plus if I had a hangover, I would have blogged about how I got it... :P

You're not helping Sunshine ;) and I think I knew that actually... but it's different having somebody else make it for you... and having the whole soup and salad and dessert and bread thing at Sizzler made the whole thing tastier too I think :)


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