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This week's Random Hotness just happens to coincide with the 28th birthday of one of my favourite "hottie" actors, Charlie Hunnam.

So I figured I might as well celebrate with a bumper, bumper Hotness post... and show off the various stages of Charlieness... the only photo I haven't been able to locate is one that shows off the supposedly impressive Celtic tree tattoo he has on his back... not sure if there even is a photo of that, but I'd love to see it.

I first saw Charlie when the then 19 year old played the 15 year old Nathan Maloney in the original English version of Queer as Folk... all blonde floppy hair and twinky and often half naked... mmmm, yummy...

Then he was the main reason I went to see Nicholas Nickleby... with the Dickensian outfit and the floppy hair (are we sensing a theme) and the slightly homoerotic on-screen relationship with Jamie Bell... plus he does get half naked at one stage in that too...

I didn't even realise he was in Cold Mountain until I looked up the credits online afterwards... I knew that Bosie the albino henchman was kinda hot... but I didn't realise he was Charliehot.

But whether he's albino or has blonde floppy locks or scruffy stubble or a near shaved head, he's still the hotness...

Happy Birthday Charlie!

charlie matthew hunnamcharlie matthew hunnam
charlie matthew hunnamcharlie matthew hunnam
charlie matthew hunnamcharlie matthew hunnam

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