mostly in a mood

workin workin workinIt's weird...

I had a pretty good day at work today... but I'm in a little bit of a mood now...

Maybe I just strained my brain a little too much... I'm not doing so well with the whole sentences right now, so I might switch to the time honoured Yaaay and Boo system...
  • Trying to get organised to get out the door on time (BOO)
  • Getting a reply from Sheba before I left the house (YAY)
  • Having a huge pain in my shin either from doing my walk at faster than average pace this morning or wearing my work boots again or some combination of the two... it was just painful (BOO)
  • Not having to pay for my trip into the city since the ticket machine in the bus was busted (YAY)
  • Working with "the old crew" again (YAY)
  • Being somewhat out of my depth trying to work out an overly complicated database (BOO)
  • Feeling like I was actually accomplishing something today (YAY)
  • Riding in an overcrowded bus (BOO)
  • Finding an invite to Stu's housewarming party in my letterbox (YAY)
  • Getting another piece of mail that I'm not ready to talk about but which could be a bad thing (BOO)
So, yeah... I'm a little bit m'eh right now.

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