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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Today is Chinese New Year... Year of the Pig...

But since I was born in 1974, I'm a Tiger... and a Wood Tiger at that...

The Element of Wood conspires to give the far-ranging Tiger Sign a touch of a more cerebral nature. The Wood Tiger can be more of a thinker than a doer - in essence, you internalize the usually externally manifested restlessness and jumpy activity of your fellow felines.

Your imaginative capabilities extend far past the visual horizon, and your uncharacteristic sticktuitivness and sense of the social amenities give you an extra edge in the business world that the surly species of which you are a member rarely possesses. Try not to abuse this potential - there is no way to succeed if you spend all of your spare time in a corner dreaming up ridiculous and impossible schemes. Listen to the voice of the Tiger from time to time, and then follow it where it takes you.
And a Tiger/Pisces...

You learn by doing, and doing it wrong the first time. The sensitive soul of the Tiger/Pisces may fall in love at the drop of a glove at first, but after the first dozen or so sophomore crushes, you'll be a bit charier about whom you give your heart to for Christmas. At least one can't deride you for lacking a Tiger's tenacity in these matters, but that's cold comfort each time romance slips through your fingers. Pain may metamorphose into rage with stasis - as with all Piscean sharks, it is important to keep looking and never look back, lest you spend too much time in an impossibly rosy past.

Don't take it out on strangers, either. Learn to control and focus your energy inward and you may at last achieve the spiritual rewards for which you have been yearning, consciously or unconsciously, your whole life through. Stop asking "Am I there yet?" You'll know it when you get there. In this you have a distinct edge over the other members of the DoubleSign menagerie.
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Larry Monday, February 19, 2007 4:35:00 am  

Hey tiger! I'm a tiger too!

Wait... don't male tigers kill each other when they meet in the wild? Does your blog count as "the wild"?

So confused...

yaniboy Monday, February 19, 2007 12:21:00 pm  

Very true.. but I'll play nice if you will... ;)

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