lego accessories template

lego accessories template

Yes, okay... so my descent into Lego related madness would seem to be complete... the Summer template is nothing but Lego accessories!

I really would like to simplify the look of the blog... but can't find a template that does what I want it to do let alone one that does all that and looks good. I want something that is minimal and mostly based around typography for the design elements except for some kind of header image.

If only I was more skilled at CSS than I am, I'd put something together myself... but that's not going to happen.

little traveller really needs to have a garage sale

So instead I'm trying a somewhat minimal header image. And I know that that sounds strange given how much stuff is actually in the photo above... but I think the white background helps.

Essentially this is what happens when I go through all eight series of Lego minifigures and pull out one of each kind of accessory (more or less... there are a bunch of things I didn't use).

And there are some other bits and pieces from some older Lego sets I still have.

Full points if anybody can actually identify everything in the image (which is hard, since some of the objects are only partially visible).

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