seasonal saturday slappy shopping

he knows when you've been bad... and he should be acting accordingly
There are some days when you really wish that Santa would go around and discipline everyone on his naughty list... or possibly make them disappear somehow...

I swear, this is the last weekend that I'm going to go anywhere near any kind of large collection of shops until after Christmas.

But let's begin at the beginning.

Trying a new showerhead for the first time is pretty much like trying a hotel shower for the first time or that first shower you take after you move into a new house (which, for me, has always been the night of the move right before eating everything I can get my hands on)... you never quite know what you're going to get, and it's never quite the same as the shower you're used to... although I have had a few hotel showers that were amazing.

Suffice to say that my new shower didn't overly wow me. Whether it's because the water has to turn four 90 degree angles between the wall and the head or because the whole shower is now up above the level of the pipe, but the water is a little... shuddery. Although it's also a superfine spray compared to what I'm used to, so that was interesting.

I may need to look around for one of those water saver type ones, see if that works any better.

The supermarket portion of the morning was the easiest... there didn't seem to be quite as many people as last week and we sailed through it all in reasonably short order.

Next up was Arndale... which brought on the whole "Santa needs to go a-spankin" thought process.

Of course, had we known that Big W was having a One Day Sale today, we may not have bothered going in there... because it was just chaos... and doubly so because they mostly have those automated checkout computers, and there really isn't any way to queue properly... so one of the lines ended up stretching right across the front entrance (that's the line I was in).

But even after we got out of there, people were still wandering all over the place, stopping without looking around, taking up entire wide spaces with a single trolley...


We did eventually escape, and because we'd managed to find one of the things Ma wanted at Arndale, we decided against the planned detour into the city.

And all things considered, I think that was a good plan.

Instead we headed down to Melbourne Street to check out E for Ethel. I've been meaning to check it out ever since it opened, but even though it's not really all that far from my house, Melbourne Street just isn't a place I ever go, so we've never gotten around to it.

Turns out that it's a pleasant spot to stop and have a drink and a bite to eat (even with a slightly obnoxious toddler two tables over) and poke around arty crafty items.

We didn't buy anything other than the food, but it's a place we may need to go back to.

Then we came back here and spent a good long while organising our Fringe 2013 calendar.

I still have to book all the shows, but with the exception of one show I'm not sure I was to go to, we're pretty much all decided.

But that's a story for another post.

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