my adelaide fringe picks 2013

my adelaide fringe picks 2013

I'm not going to lie, when I first looked through the 2013 Adelaide Fringe program, I was a little bit disappointed.

Partly because there didn't seem to be as many things that called out to me instantly... and there wasn't really very much in the way of Shakespeare related stuff.

So I fully expected that once I'd gone through the list a couple of times and culled out what didn't sound as good after a second look I might end up with maybe fourteen or fifteen shows.

But somehow, when Ma and I went through the list yesterday working out our plan of attack, I ended up with the same number of shows as I started with last year.

It did end up slightly more expensive than last year, but I think that's partly because I'm going to less shows on my own, so that means extra tickets.

So February and March 2013 are going to look quite a lot like this:
  • Le Gateau Chocolat's I Heart Chocolat: The larger-than-life, operatic star returns to the Garden with his new lycra-clad extravaganza.
  • 3 Tales Of Woe: This show aims to send a chill down your spine and enlighten viewers to the work of these amazing authors.
  • Sound And Fury's Dirty Fairy Tales: Richard Maritzer, Patrick Hercamp, and Ryan Adam Wells fiddle and diddle with classic stories, insert naughty sub-plots and penetrating social satire.
  • Dandyman: Take a journey of peculiar proportions as Daniel Oldaker presents jaw dropping circus, absurd acrobatics and mind-blowing magic.
  • Knock Off: A blonde, brunette and Japanese guy walk onto a building site. Their mission: to construct a contemporary circus show.
  • The Breakfast Club: Fans of the original 1985 film will love John Hughes' funny, painful and classic story brought to life... albeit slightly shaken up.
  • Macbeth's Witches: Come see Hecate and the 3 witches dance up a storm of double trouble and illusion in thunder, lightning and in rain.
  • Dungeons And Improvisation Adventure Show: An improvisation show using dice and audience suggestions to detail a journey of a hero fighting against a villain to save the land from tyranny.
  • Leo: A funny, surreal, and touching work that leaves you wondering which way is up.
  • Another Point Of View: Two girls, living a life in solitude, finally get a call from a broken phone they thought would never ring.
  • Dead End: The story of a run-down circus troupe, performing amazing feats against the backdrop of an Adelaide back-alley.
  • Blind Date: Trust a stranger and lose yourself in a unique one-on-one experience.
  • Bane: A tribute to and send-up of the narratives and flashes of film noir of the 1940s - injected with the bravado of the 80's action flick.
  • Stuperstition: Sleight of hand expert Stuart Lightbody takes a controversial and entertaining look at modern superstitions.
  • Angela Carter's The Tigers Bride: Come on a journey into the darkness, with a girl who finds herself in the hands of a fearsome creature against her wishes.
  • Dorothy Parker's Sweet Release Of Death: When 1920's New York knows you as the funniest woman around, the pressure to write a witty suicide note is unbearable.
  • Alice In The Madhouse: Young circus artists take you down the rabbit hole into a darker Wonderland than ever before. Familiar characters are transformed and reinvented in macabre circus form.
  • A Simple Space: Blurring boundaries of performance, peep into the offstage world where makeup and applause are scraped away to reveal the sweat, bruises, falls and failures.
  • La Soirée: The international variety sensation is back with an exciting line-up of new stars and old favourites.
  • Confessions Of A Grindr Addict: It's been over a year since Felix has been on a proper date and he can’t help but wonder: "What does a guy actually do on a date that doesn't involve sex?"
I'm very excited to be going back to see both Le Gateau Chocolat and La Soirée this year... and I'm taking Ma since she hasn't seen either of the shows.

A Simple Space was a complete no-brainer since it's by Gravity and Other Myths who were amazing in 2011.

But other than that, it's pretty much all new stuff... Knock Off was something that didn't make my final cut last year, so I thought I'd give it a go this time around... that has worked out pretty well in the past.

The show I'm both nervous and excited about is the rather freaky sounding "Blind Date" where participants are "blindfolded and led by their 'date' on a sensory journey of discovery"... so, yeah... I'm doing that...

Now the only problem is that I have to wait two whole months before Fringe starts!

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