speedy saturday shopping

ho ho zoom zoom
Tomorrow is the annual Trimming of the Tree at Ma's place, so I was flying completely solo today.

Which isn't a bad thing since I got everything done that I wanted or needed to do AND got back here by 11:30... although if I had been able to find the clothes that I wanted to find without having to go to three different stores I would have been done about an hour earlier than that.

There may be a rant blogpost about that later in the week if I can find a pair of rantypants in my size... (see what I did there).

So in essence my morning went... Northpark, Target, City, Target, Unley, Target, home.

And now I have the whole rest of the day stretching before me and no real idea of what to do with it.

It may be time to break out the Christmas movies... because that's allowed now, it being December and everything.

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