meeting the lego neighbours

Just before Christmas the nice folks at Fusion, a local innovation agency, sent me one of their individualised "Build A Break" Lego sets.

A couple of my Lego photos actually feature in the booklet that came with the set... and it's all kinds of awesome to see my photos in something as cool as the booklet, especially alongside all the personalised Lego interpretations of the Fusion crew.

The sets are a great way to build a positive image around their brand and to get people to interact with them on social media.

Clearly Lego is something that must be close to the heart of somebody in the agency, because these aren't slapped together sets or figures, there's definitely been some thought gone into matching figures with their staff... as well as coming up with sets that work alongside the "Build A Break" idea.

As soon as I opened the set I was sent (which also came in the coolest little white box with a Lego minifigure head printed on top... definitely something I'll be keeping), the first thing that struck me was the two unique minifigures that came with the set...

I don't know if they were individualised for me or not, but I just loved the fact that they were both male, and both blonde... and that they're not wearing a hell of a lot... with a mixture of the Lego surfer, skater, bagpipe player, sumo wrestler and tennis player's parts.

As far as the rest of the set goes, it turns out that the main parts of the boat are from the Lego Friends line, but with a less pink/purple look overall... I had to do a little remodelling to it so that the minifigures could actually stand at the helm... and I added a steering wheel. I do love the little kayak (even though I have it backwards in the photo), which comes from the Lego City range.

After seeing the way that photographer and Lego fan, Chris McVeigh, used cardboard while photographing the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar, I was inspired to put together a little diorama for one of the Photo A Day photos this month...

Which led me to buying some more coloured cardboard to make some very simple backgrounds...

And of course I had to do a photoshoot introducing Little Traveller and Little Boyfriend (I'm starting to their they need easier names...) to the new neighbours...

lego neighbours - auric and flax and their boats
"Hey, LT... we have new neighbours... and they have a speedboat!"
Meet Auric (in the speedboat) and Flax (in the kayak). 

lego neighbours - eltee and elbee meet flax and auric
"Pleased to meet you!"
"Pssst, LT... They're not wearing any pants and the one at the front
appears to be wearing go-go boots!"
"Shhhh LB, I know!"

lego neighours - the gift of pants for the new neighbours
"A little 'welcome to the neighbourhood' gift from us to you."
"Awww... thanks guys, you shouldn't have."

lego neighbours - flax still isn't wearing a shirt...
"LT, should we get Flax a shirt too?"
"Errr... no LB, I'm really not seeing a problem..."
"You know we can hear you both, right?"

For some reason, I suddenly see Flax as a circus performer... possibly the trapeze... not sure how that works with the boats.

And yes, I did notice that they're kind of the blonde versions of LT and LB, at least as far as the hairstyles go.

Once the photoshoot was over Auric and Flax both changed back into their beachwear.

Well... eventually...

lego neighbours - any excuse flax, and you're flinging off your neighbours - thank goodness for conveniently placed black tiles
It appears Flax may also be a bit of an exhibitionist in addition to an acrobat and a kayaker... and a wearer of go-go boots.

Just don't ask me how that modesty bar is staying in place...

But the neighbours (and their boats) may reappear at a later stage... partly because I just realised I never took any shots of LT and LB on the boat.

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