pre-christmas shopping dash

christmas sweaters at the beach... confusing
I still can't quite work out if this morning's solo pre-Christmas shopping was a complete success or a bit of a debacle...

I think that it was perhaps the perfect blend of the two.

I'd originally intended to be super super organised and get to the shops just before they opened... but that didn't happen.

In fact I ended up being later than I'd intended on being because firstly I stopped to fill my car's windscreen wiper tank with water and then I had to turn around and come back to get my wallet. Normally I check as I leave the house, but I think I was too busy concentrating on all the other things I had in my hands and never thought about it.

Thankfully I wasn't that far away, but it was still a bit of a detour to come back again.

But I got there in the end, and even though I had to go a complete circuit of the carpark in order to get a space out of the sun it wasn't too arduous.

Given the number of cars in the carpark I thought that the supermarket was going to be packed, but it turned out to not be too bad... predominately little old ladies and other than one who just seemed to want to stand in everybody's way, they were easy enough to work around.

And oddly, as soon as I walked in I saw this stand of Blue Nose stuffed toys that's been there for ages and ages and ages, but I realised that there was a little seahorse sitting front and centre. So he's getting added to Ma's presents.

I did have a shopping list for the first time in ages... and I'm not sure whether it was a help or a hindrance given that I kept forgetting things until after I'd gone past them and then had to circle around again to grab them.

So a little bit like having to go back for my wallet, there was a lot of retracing my steps going on.

After the supermarket I had a bit of a wander around Target and actually found a couple of pairs of jeans to try on. One pair fit great, the other were terrible, even though they were both the same size. But at least now I have new "Christmas jeans".

I was also on the hunt for tissue paper to wrap Ma's presents but I either couldn't see any or else they didn't have the colours I wanted... but a last minute detour into one of the cheap-ass shops netted me 60 sheets for under $5, which is pretty impressive (as far as these things go... yeah I know... small things amuse small minds and all that).

Fortunately I checked my email while I was buying the paper because I had an email from the nice lady who runs Loca Pops after I put in a last minute order late last night since I knew she was doing a delivery run this morning. And fortunately she had enough left for me to have a batch of ten.

So I managed to make it home shortly before she arrived with the frozen goodness.

On balance I think it was actually a pretty good morning... although I haven't really done anything constructive since...

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